Top Ten Books For The Liberals On Your Christmas Gift List

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All right, it may have been a mistake to use the word “Christmas” in the title of this article, but old habits die hard.

Feel free to substitute “Holiday”, “Festival of Trees”, or “Non-Demoniational Celebration Of The Winter Solstice” if you have an undying urge to be politically correct.

Regardless, we here at the Freedom Medium are aware that many of us, in spite of our efforts to instill them with some common sense, have family members of the liberal persuasion.

We all know that liberals love taking things from other people, and so that they don’t feel left out at this time of year, we present a list of reading material they are sure to treasure.

1. The Collected Wisdom Of Al Gore
The fact that this paperback sequel to “Earth In The Balance” is made from 100% recycled paper is far from being it’s only earth friendly attribute.
With 442 blank pages, it also doesn’t use any of that eco-unfriendly ink stuff.

2. The Illustrated Janeane Garofalo
Having little if anything to say about anything other than accusing Tea Party protestors of being racists, along with having an acting biography as a Hollywood never-was, this book is still fascinating for the liberal on your Christmas list for the pretty illustrations of Janeane’s tattoos.

3. The Hillary Clinton Guide To Surviving Sniper Fire
One of the best-selling fiction books of all time, read how the fertile imagination of America’s former First Lady portrayed being under attack when a helicopter landing placed her into the middle of a combat zone.

4. How To Get A Ten Million Dollar Federal Grant For Your Family
The amazing true story (seriously, this did indeed happen) of a Congressman from a small town in Pennsylvania and how he steered a ten million dollar federal grant to Cornerstone Technologies, a company run by members of his immediate family.
Be warned, the story has a tragic ending when the corporation goes bankrupt and stores it’s remaining assets in the garage of a bowling alley.

5. How To Spot A Conservative (By Anonymous)
The author of this guide preferred to keep his or her identity a secret while revealing the tell-tale signs that someone you come in contact with may be a right-wing nut job.
It goes beyond the normal clues such as being pro-life, being in favor of limited government intrusion, watching Fox News, etc., and delves into some of the more subtle aspects, such as conservatives disguising themselves as being members of the working class, drinking beer instead of Martinis, raising decent, law-abiding children, as well as a host of other subtle clues.

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