Australia To Reject Emissions Trading Legislation (Again) EXCLUSIVE

Posted on Mon 11/30/2009 by


10AM Australian Eastern Standard Time. (7PM U.S. Eastern)

The political turmoil in Australian politics outlined in this earlier post has come to a head this morning.

The incumbent Labor Government has been trying to ram through its ETS legislation, artfully called the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. (CPRS) This legislation passed easily through the House of Representatives where the Government has the numbers. It has been held up in the Senate where they do not have control, and was voted down when it was originally introduced.

Over the last few weeks both major Parties have been working to introduce a huge series of amendments in an effort to finally get it passed. The Government wanted the Bill passed this week, in order mainly for the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to take it to Copenhagen, almost as a fait accompli.

Debate in the Senate has been fierce, and both parties looked set to agree. There has been turmoil in the Conservative side of politics with feelings running high over whether the Bill should pass.

To that end , that Conservative side of politics, the Liberal Party of Australia (the same as the U.S. Republican Party) has now changed its leadership for a new leader who has vowed to not allow this Bill passage. There is talk that this might actually destroy the Party, but feeling in Australia is now running at fever pitch. Climategate has broken and Australia is finally getting the debate that has been missing for so long as the Labor Government (same as for the U.S. Democratic Party) sought to ram through this huge new tax.

Now, this morning, with a new Leader in place, the first step he has taken is to call for the Senate to immediately stop debating passage of the Bill, and for the Bill to be deferred for at least two months, until after Copenhagen.

The secret ballot in the Party room voted 54 to 29 to defer the Legislation in the Senate, and one report signals this as the death of this version of an  Australian Emissions Trading Scheme.

This intention will gain traction in the Senate, and now,  no vote on passage of the Legislation will take place this week.

This will be a direct slap in the face for the Prime Minister as he desperately wanted to take this legislation to Copenhagen so he could strut on the World stage.

We live in the hope that this iniquitous new huge tax on everyday people will finally fail.

I’ll be posting more as the story further breaks.