Global Warming Exposed, Al Gore Hiding

Posted on Wed 11/25/2009 by


By Scooter Van Neuter

(SR) – As the world digests the thousands of emails and documents stolen from Britain’s esteemed East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit that show global warming is as real as new stimulus jobs, the man who got the whole thing started, Al Gore, is nowhere to be found.

Mr. Gore has been the world’s leading proponent of global warming, and his efforts have moved the world community toward industrial restrictions that have exacerbated the global recession. Now many are seeking to question Gore about his part in selling the global warming myth, after the leaked research shows the world is actual getting cooler.

“He was here a few days ago, but then he left. We don’t know where he is,” said an unidentified staff member who answered the phone at Gore’s office. Unofficial sightings of the former vice president have been reported in Mexico, Costa Rica, and most recently, Venezuela.

My comments: As another scientific genius on par with Al once said, “Somebody’s got some ‘splain’n to do!” Here’s a tip to finding The Goracle: Look in warm places!

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