Breaking News! White House Appoints An “Or Else” Czar

Posted on Mon 11/23/2009 by


President Obama has appointed more Czars Than the Romanov Empire ever had.

Bigot Czar, Mad Scientist Czar, Animal Rights Czar, Communist Czar, along with a host of others.

One appointment that flew under the radar was the picking of an “Or Else” Czar, as in you will do what you are told, or otherwise be prepared to suffer the consequences.

The first name that probably comes to mind is Rahm Emanuel, but you may be surprised to learn that it’s not him.

In addition to his other duties, President Obama has decided that Vice-President Joe Biden should be the administration’s chief legbreaker.

With a line that could have come straight out of an episode of the Sopranos, Biden made it clear that members of Congress pledging loyalty to the President have nothing to fear, while for those opposing him there will be hell to pay.

After last weeks Senate vote on health care reform, here is what Biden had to say:

“Those who voted for reform will be rewarded and those who voted against it will be held accountable.”

To me, that sounds more like the ravings of a ticked-off Mafia godfather than a rational statement from a Vice-President of the United States.

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