I Am So Proud, My First Death Threat (I Think)

Posted on Tue 11/17/2009 by


It’s possible that after all the time I have spent doing this, I have become successful.

Any time that a conservative can bring a liberal to hint at taking violent action, you must be getting too close to the truth for them to be comfortable.

I say that because I think I have just received my first death threat.

An article I did a while back, Barack Obama Appoints Doctor Death As Health Care Czar, has generated some interesting comments, but one it received on Friday tops them all:

“Dear Karl, It’s great that you agree with Emanuel because, we have just been appointed by Emanuel to decide about you and we have decided we should not waste any more resources on you.”

“I hope you understand that, as you indicated, “there comes a time when a person is no longer of any use to the state and must therefore be terminated.”  Sorry, Karl, “it’s just the progressive thing to do.”

Seeing as how this person couldn’t even spell my name correctly, I feel compelled to go very slowly and explain things to him.

Those of you reading this who have an IQ that is more than that of a goldfish will be able to understand the parts where I am being serious, and where I am being sarcastic.

You Kool-Aid drinkers will have to find someone to explain the difference to you.

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