How Wind Power Generates Only Red Ink

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By Andrew Bolt

Wind is perhaps the greatest snake oil being sold by green carpetbaggers – other than carbon permits, of course:

THE (British) Government’s renewable energy strategy is in tatters after a report exposing the true costs of generating electricity by wind power.

An internal document from the National Grid, seen by the Sunday Express, says wind turbine energy will at times cost over 3,000 per cent more than conventional power.

Industry experts say over-reliance on wind power could mean fuel poverty for consumers, as older power plants reach the end of their working lives while Britain’s new generation of nuclear stations is still a long way off completion. Some experts claim the cost of upgrading the nation’s electricity grid – so it is possible to use all the renewable energy – could be £250billion or 10 times the Government’s estimates.

The scale of the insanity overtaking the western world at the moment is so vast that future generations will not credit it.

TonyfromOz adds …..

For 21 months now, I have given detailed statistics and costings on just this same subject. Maybe at last, the message is starting to get through that renewable power does only supply incredibly low levels of electrical power for incredibly large amounts of money in costs.

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