Copenhagen Crumbles, But Our Cash Still Wanted

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Good news:

A legally binding agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions is no longer a realistic goal for next month’s Copenhagen summit, the UN Secretary-General says. According to Ban Ki Moon such an agreement will not be signed next month and the most likely outcome is voluntary targets, which countries could announce but then ignore.

Which they will.

But that won’t stop the demands for our cash – which the draft treaty suggests should be around $7 billion a year from Australia alone:

Mr Ban also said that developed nations would have to increase the amount that they paid to poorer countries to help them to adapt to climate change. Asked whether he believed that the European Union’s proposal of a fund of up to $50 billion of public money a year would be sufficient, he said: “As we go into the future, I think that should be scaled up.”

That’s your billions to the sticky-fingered UN, to pass on to China and the Third World.

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