Wanted: More Public Servants To Help Wreck Jobs

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Global warming has become a gigantic industry, fed by billions of taxpayers’ dollars. Here’s the Rudd Government’s latest advertisement for people to fill entirely non-productive – in fact, anti-productive – jobs:

Climate Change is one of the most complex policy challenges facing governments today. The Department of Climate Change is a new and dynamic organisation at the forefront of delivering the Australian Government’s response to this important global issue.

Australian Climate Change Regulatory Authority … will regulate the cap and trade scheme, national greenhouse and energy reporting and the renewable energy target.

We are looking for people to work in Australia’s newest regulator on this major national reform. If you have a background in economics, regulation, law, market intelligence and analysis, compliance, environment, communication and/or corporate support, we’d like to hear from you.

Anticipated Vacancies – Ongoing and Non-ongoing (Employment offers may depend on the relevant legislation being passed)

Several Roles at APS4, APS5 and APS6 Levels – (Salary Range $56,430 – $77,330)

Several Roles at EL1 and EL2 Levels – (Salary Range $83,600 – $131,670)

Canberra based positions…

Market Analysts – will develop the regulatory and analytical processes, tools, models and forecasts to support the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme…

Public Affairs and Communication Officers – will deliver a broad range of communication and stakeholder engagement strategies, advice and services…

ICT and e-Business Officers – will deliver the ICT capabilities to support the regulator…

Corporate and Governance Officers – will develop and manage the infrastructure, systems and processes for the new regulator…

Program Management Officers – will contribute to the establishment of a project management centre of excellence, support the delivery of multi-disciplinary projects and consolidate reporting for the executive management team…

Regulatory Policy and Compliance Officers – will develop and apply best-practice regulatory approaches to facilitate compliance with the relevant legislation…

[picapp src=”8/1/0/1/President_Obama_Addreses_5ee3.jpg?adImageId=6887604&imageId=6572525″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (upper right) thinks to himself. “I hope this guy can deliver”.

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It’s frightening, how much this madness is now costing – and how many people now have a vested interest in keeping it all going.

UPDATE. (This is from Andrew Bolt’s Sydney Associate Tim Blair, who runs a similar blog for the Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

Following those successful Indonesian negotiations, Rudd is invited to befriend a chair:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will play an increased role in helping to secure a deal at the Copenhagen international climate change talks.

Mr Rudd has been asked by Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen to serve as a friend to the chair – along with Mexico and the United Nations – in the lead up to the talks in December.

But Rudd still hasn’t decided if he’ll actually go to hopeychangey Copenhagen:

“The Prime Minister will attend if the meeting becomes a leaders’ meeting and if his attendance will make an effective outcome at Copenhagen more likely,” the spokesman said.

Translation: Rudd won’t go unless Obama does. As for effective outcomes:

Just weeks before an international conference on climate change, the United Nations signaled it was scaling back expectations of reaching agreement on a new treaty to slow global warning.

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