Liberals Have Given So Much To America

Posted on Mon 10/26/2009 by


Liberals have given a lot of things to America.

And many people are starting to realize a lot of their contributions are things no one really wants.

Maybe it was electing a man who is trying to keep his campaign promise of fundamentally changing America, maybe it is the attempted takeover of our country’s health care system, trying to pass off the largest tax increase in human history as a means of curbing global warming, it doesn’t really matter what started it.

The tide is slowly starting to turn against all of you who support liberalism.

For years, you liberal loonies have been trying to turn America into some sort of a socialist utopia, while at the same time disparaging everything that has made this country great.

And for years, those of us who are vehemently opposed to everything you stand for simply stood back and kept our mouths shut, and our thoughts to ourselves.

I am not speaking of Republican vs. Democrat politicians debating each other in the halls of Congress.

Nor am I talking about political pundits in the media hurling accusations at each other.

I’m talking about everyday patriotic Americans, of which I am proud to be numbered amongst.

The days of you kumbaya-singing, Kool-Aid drinking nitwits is fast coming to an end.

And as I said earlier, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

For years, you have whined about inequality in America, when the fact is that more people live better in this country than they do anywhere else on Earth.
Where in the hell else in the world do you see people living in “poverty” that have televisions, microwave ovens and cell phones?

Of course, many of you bleeding heart hypocrites will cry about the injustice of our having so much while the rest of the world doesn’t.

If you feel that strongly about it, them give them what you have, because the rest of us are sick to death of you hypocrites trying to make us feel guilty about the things we have worked hard for.

Speaking of giving, just what have you given back to your own country, which, despite your best efforts, is still the greatest country the world has ever known?

You spread most of your propaganda through a mainstream media that wouldn’t understand the words “unbiased journalism” if they bit them in the ass.
(And your comrades-in-arms running these outlets are too brain dead to understand why they continue to lose market share.)
(I wonder if the tingle running up Chris Matthews leg will be a problem when he’s standing in the unemployment line.)

You give us a group such as Code Pink…Read the rest of this entry