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Gleaned from an email by Tim Burns for Congress:

Pennsylvania has an embarrassment representing us in Washington.

An embarrassment that pushes a far-left personal agenda, an embarrassment who is more interested in making national headlines to support liberal groups than working for our state, an embarrassment that needs to be replaced.

That embarrassment is John Murtha.

House Democrats Discuss Iraq War Funding

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You know Congressman John Murtha – the same John Murtha who is always referred to on the national news as the “Congressman from Pennsylvania.”

The same John Murtha who as a Democrat has been in Washington for more than 35 years voting against conservative positions nearly 70% of the time and who has voted for tax increase after tax increase and bailout after bailout.

He is the same John Murtha who is now making headlines not for appeasing his liberal supporters but for corruption.

Help Me Replace John Murtha.  Send Me to Congress So I Can Fight for Pennsylvania and Our Values.  I Will Be The Candidate Who Defeats John Murtha.  Support Me, Now, Here.

The Washington Times newspaper wrote this week that Murtha helped steer millions to a software firm called MobilVox using earmarks.

This is just one more revelation in a string of revelations about Murtha’s dirty work in Congress.

The Times story said that the software company “hired lobbying firms that employed” a former top aide to Murtha.  Even worse the story said the company hired Murtha’s brother. “Company executives and their lobbyists donated thousands of dollars” to Murtha, the story said.

The result?  The Times wrote that “Soon, Money Flowed” to the company.

This seems to be a pattern with John Murtha.  The only way to stop it is to remove him from office.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I was raised in John Murtha’s Congressional District.  I received my college degree and started a small business.  I grew that business from a basement office into a business employing over 400 employees and later sold it.

Since that time I have been working to develop other businesses and create jobs in Pennsylvania.

I am running for Congress to make our Country a better place, one in which my two sons can find a bright future.

I am committed to conservative values, smaller government, lower taxes, an end to wasteful spending and restoring an ethical standard in public service.

Now, I need your help to defeat John Murtha.

Two years ago a candidate stepped forward to challenge Murtha who shared many of our values.  However, he moved into the District to run.  The voters did not buy the argument.

Murtha defeated him by 16% points.  Rumors are that Mr. Murtha would like to run against that candidate again.  Who would blame him?

That is why I stepped forward.

If we are going to defeat John Murtha we need a local candidate, with local values who understands the voters and who can hold Murtha accountable. I am that candidate.

I am sure you have read the news stories about offices being raided, corruption charges, and earmarks of federal taxpayer dollars going to friends of Murtha and the list goes on and on.

We need to replace John Murtha.

I am sure you know about how Murtha helped put Nancy Pelosi into the Speaker’s office and how he has sided with her on liberal priority after liberal priority – spending our nation into a deficit that has tripled over the last year.

I am sure you know that it will take a Pennsylvanian with a business background who understands what has to be done to win a campaign to defeat him.

That is why I need your help today.

Already, this year, Murtha has taken more than a quarter million dollars in special interest PAC contributions.

Support  Tim Burns here.