Smear Campaigns Need Lines of Defense for the Sake of Our Freedoms

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I read this editorial by Thomas Sowell in the newspaper and felt it was worthwhile sharing a few quotes with you. We as individuals need to make a stand for what is right. It doesn’t matter what your political or religious beliefs are, when anyone’s rights are trampled, when anyone is viciously slandered,  and we do nothing, we all lose a little more of our Freedom. —Annie


Rush Limbaugh

To sue or not to sue? That is the question.
After racist statements were made up out of thin air and then attributed to Rush Limbaugh, these were the options he had.
It is easy for me to understand that these are not simple choices because I have faced those options as well.

… When someone is considered to be a “public figure”— and Rush Limbaugh is certainly that— the Supreme Court has narrowed the grounds on which that public figure can sue for libel, to the point where even the most blatant lie can often go unpunished. …

… As the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, you are entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.

Ultimately, this is not about Rush Limbaugh or anybody else who is smeared with impunity. It is about the whole climate in which issues are discussed.
Without a range of opposing opinions being available to the public, the basic concept of a self-governing democracy is a mockery. If views that some people don’t like can be silenced or discredited by character assassination, the whole country loses.

The courts should not be the only line of defense. Common decency should be the first line of defense, so that people who smear others will pay a price in the outrage that their lies should provoke, even among decent people who do not agree with the target of their smears.”

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