We Report, You Decide: Who Is Legitimate,FOX News Or The White House?

Posted on Wed 10/21/2009 by


(Even if you have seen it already, take a look at the White House whining over Fox News, see what a journalist who has covered eight presidential administrations thinks about all of this, then see our pick for the Obama administration’s favorite reporters.)

The “most transparent administration in history” is having a real problem with Fox News.

Which makes them the most un-focused administration in history.

Even the most die-hard members of the Kool-Aid Brigade should be asking “Don’t you people have more important things to do?”

Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The economy.
The Deficit.

And a host of other vital issues facing America, and the White House is whining that it doesn’t think Fox News is treating them fairly?

Apparently, in the Obama administration, it’s acceptable to try and silence your critics.

Other points of view are not allowed.

And they call us Nazis?

Senior White House Advisor David Axerod called on other media to join the administration’s claim that “Fox is not a legitimate news organization.”

In an interview on ABC, he went on to state that “Other news organizations like yours ought not to treat them that way.” “We’re not going to treat them that way.”

White House spokesperson Anita Dunn said the White House “stopped providing guests” to Fox News Sunday after Chris Wallace…Read the rest of this entry