Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – Another Update

Posted on Tue 10/20/2009 by


Two weeks ago, I posted a three part series on why these talks will essentially fail, no matter what spin comes from the washup of  this meeting in Copenhagen, a meeting we are told in frightening terms that a positive result is essential if we are to save the Planet we live upon.

Watch this recent video from Lord Christopher Monckton and then draw your own conclusions as to why this meeting is so vital.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with saving the environment from Carbon Dioxide emissions.

It also adds further context to why UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is so desperate for legislation currently in train in the U.S. to be passed prior to this meeting, as mentioned in this post, and in the article at this link, and then for deeper explanation at this link, Part one of that series, with links to Part 2 and Part 3 at the bottom of that post.

Meanwhile The World Bank is still diverting Billions of dollars to those Developing Countries to construct coal fired power plants, as detailed in this article at this link.