What Comes Next After Being A Racist?

Posted on Tue 10/20/2009 by


The English language is going to need a new word.

Thanks to liberals.

Thanks to liberals, who like to call themselves progressives, we have seen a steady progression in the terminology used to describe conservatives.

First we were “right-wing nut jobs’”

Then we were “neo-cons.”

We then became members of “a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

After that we were “obstructionists.”

Patriotic Americans attending Tea Parties were known by the left as “teabaggers.”

Which lead to them becoming “Nazis.”

And finally we became “racists.”

So all of you liberals out there put on your dunce caps (which are probably made from tinfoil) and start thinking up a new one.

Because once the fight to take back control of Congress in the 2010 elections heats up (a fight that we here at the Freedom Medium are going to be a huge part of, details coming soon), you will have to think of something else to call us.

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