Do The Benefits Of Jihadist Training Camps In America Outweigh The Risks?

Posted on Fri 10/16/2009 by


One of our recent articles regarding jihadist training camps here in America stirred up quite a controversy between two individuals who both claim to have been members of America’s intelligence community.
One commenter appeared to be trying to make the case that it is better to leave them in place, because the intelligence to be gained was valuable.
Our contention is that the risks inherent in having bands of avowed terrorists in country far outweigh any possible benefits.

We just did a story on what we feel is the failure of the Department of Homeland Security to keep America safe.

And it generated comments from two sides of the fence, both whom claim to have experience in undercover intellegence operations.
You can read the original article and the comments here.

Of course, we have no means to verify or disprove undercover ops experience of the commenters.

One individual, going under the pseudonym Cherokee Parks, clearly understood the satirical nature of our implying that Janet Napolitano was getting her information from us.
And the point we were trying to make.
The other didn’t.

Regardless, the other person went on about how we have no idea of what is being done in order to keep America safe.
And stated that our “exaggerated journalism”  “reflects poorly on all of us.”
This individual also took the position that these jihadist training camps on American soil are common knowledge.

Let’s tackle that last one first.

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