Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – Update

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Last week I posted a short series of three posts on why these Climate Change talks will fail.

In part three, I painted a scenario of what the situation might look like if China, and by extrapolation, India and the rest of the Developing World actually had some parity with those of us already in the Developed World, and if they had access to the electrical power we already have.

I did a theoretical and mathematical work up of what the situation might look like if they were to keep constructing the power plants that they so desperately need, and especially those plants that are the cheapest to construct, come on line the quickest from construction, and actually can supply dedicated levels of power on a 24 hour basis, those coal fired power plants.

It was an exercise to show you exactly what might happen to emission levels if those Developing Countries actually did this.

This is the link to an article from the Times Online, an English news outlet that details exactly that. (UPDATED link inserted here as the original TimesOnlineUK article was archived by the Times, and after I carried out a search, that original article was found at a separate site. This article is the exact original TimesOnline article, and note the date above the article’s title…..TonyfromOz)

The World Bank is actually spending Billions of Pounds on construction of those coal fired power plants in areas of those Developing Countries.

So, it would seem that no matter what does come out of Copenhagen in the way of political spin, then those coal fired plants will be still be under construction, not out of blatant disregard for the environment, but out of absolute necessity for people to have access to electrical power, and for the economies of those Countries to actually continue to develop, and that development will bring further benefits for the people of those Countries.

So, while bodies such as the UNFCCC continue to push the spin that we must cut back on emissions, talk like this is just that ….. SPIN ….. because quietly, those coal fired power plants are starting to appear all over the place, negating absolutely what the spin will be trying to achieve.

That spin is aimed not at the overall Worldwide environmental situation, but at the hip pocket money raising areas of those already Developed Countries, as those bodies desperately look to raise money from the passage of draconian Cap and Trade Legislation.

The money raised from passage of these Bills will then be diverted to the UN as part of their funding talks which will not get very much media attention out of Copenhagen, and then this money will be diverted to those poorer Developing Countries for construction of ….. coal fired power plants.

We’ve been had ….. big time.

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