Swine Flu, Vaccines, and Mind Control – Part 7

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The woman from the medical department had an odd reaction to my questions while we were at the school. I had asked her if she knew how many had died from vaccines and how dangerous they are, and she just stared at me like I had a ghost behind my head – a deer in the headlights kind of look, then she shrugged and said others had opted not to enroll their kids due to the shots. I’m pretty good at reading people, but her reaction was so strange.

The question is, why would a privately-owned school demand that all children who enroll get every single vaccine that is available or may become available in the future, up to and including the swine flu shot that has not been properly vetted by the FDA?

I think we all remember the Manchurian Candidate, but what about Project MK Ultra? This was the mind control experiments being run by the CIA in the 1950s that killed Frank Olson by giving him LSD without his knowledge. For more than two decades, the CIA denied this project existed and refused to admit they were responsible for Olson’s death. What was the point of MK Ultra? They were trying to create real life Manchurian candidates!

Perhaps at Milton Hershey they really are altruistic and honestly believe the innoculations help people. Perhaps they know otherwise, considering they do have the prestigious Hershey Medical Center only a moment’s drive away, that shots alter the brain chemistry by introducing mercury and other harmful substances into children, thereby creating a scenario where the children are more easily controllable. And that’s really what the whole swine flu scare comes down to – CONTROL.

With MK Ultra, the experiments were first done on prostitutes, mental patients, drug users, and prisoners because no one would believe them if they complained. In the case of Milton Hershey, the families of the children must prove poverty as a precondition. As such, the school is using kids who would mostly have no future anyway and forcing them to take vaccines that will help enable mind control. It’s evident in the way everything is so perfect in the private school utopia known as Milton Hershey.

Milton S. Hershey

Milton S. Hershey

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(Whether or not you have reservations about giving this Swine Flu Vaccine to your children, my question is ‘Would Milton S. Hershey approve of the way his school is being run now?’  —ed)