Swine Flu, Vaccines, and Mind Control – Part 5

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This article is the fifth in a multi-part series to monitor and explain the swine flu, vaccines, and mind control.

Fast forward … over the weekend, my 7-year-old son started running a fever. I did what any mother would do: I started him on a strict regime of alternating acetominophen and ibuprofen, along with increasing his fluid intake and spreading his meals out to 4-5 smaller ones throughout the day. By Monday, I was getting nervous. His fever was getting worse , not better! We added in lukewarm baths and cool compresses, but by Tuesday, he fever wouldn’t even come down anymore with the medicine. He said his ear and throat were hurting, so I called our physician. I took him to the doctor along with his 4-year-old brother, who was getting hives in his armpits and a low-grade fever.

Of course, I let my panic side get a few jabs in – what if they had swine flu?

Our doctor alleviated my fears. Neither boy has swine flu, or any flu, for that matter. My older son’s problem was a double ear infection that had actually made his eardrum bleed (how did I miss that?!) and my little guy also had a double ear infection just starting to brew. As for his hives, the doctor said it may have been his body reacting to the ear infections. We went through the whole shebang on whether we had switched soaps or meal items in the last few days.

The doctor said that some kids are coming in with a sandpapery type of rash, but my son’s was definitely not that (it was hives – large, red, very itchy welts on the skin). I wondered if she was referring to the Fifth Disease, but didn’t ask.

The reason I brought all of this up is twofold. I am a firm believer that the swine flu is not a very bad disease to have except in some complicated cases and that the vaccine is much worse than the actual flu itself. Even I, being in the frame of mind I am, had started to panic when my little guys got sick. What if they had it? Would the feds quarantine our house? How would we get food if we couldn’t leave the house? Of course, my imagination was running away with me, but as a protective mom, I’m supposed to try to prepare for whatever may come. I’m fairly level-headed most of the time, but when the possibility (in my mind) came up that the swine flu might have infected my family, I was a little more susceptible to possibly accepting whatever treatment might save them. It was ridiculous for me to jump to conclusions, but I have been subjected to the over-hype just as everyone else. It gets in your head.

The second reason I’m bringing all this up is because I was given some information while at my doctor’s. The physician’s assistant said that the office had only had 2 people test positive for “influenza A,” even though we’re having an unusually early winter, but no one knew if it was swine flu because “the CDC isn’t testing for swine flu anymore.” My husband and I were somewhat shocked. (Sidenote – where’s global warming when you need it? Brrr!)

On the ride home, after getting antibiotics and more fever reducers for my boys, I figured out why the CDC won’t even test people for swine flu anymore. It would mess up their numbers! If they ran the test and only a few hundred got a positive result, it would completely destroy the baseless theory that this disease is widespread and something to fear, thereby getting folks to accept the brain-numbing mercury injections.

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