Looking for Truth and Justice in Northeastern Pennsylvania

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By Minnie

October 17 will mark the one year anniversary of the vehicular accident that resulted in the death of Senator James Rhoades, injured his wife, and nearly killed Mr. Senavitis.

Many questions remain unanswered:

1. What became of the black box that was in the senator’s car?  Who removed it, and why?
2. Why has discovery not been turned over to defense counsel?
3. Why did it take three months for the police to issue an accident report?
4. What happened to the patrons of the Beechwood Inn who witnessed Senator Rhoades’ presence in the bar that evening, and his level of inebriation?  The first reports said he left the bar “tipsy”.
5. Why did the authorities ignore and then wash away the tread marks left by Senator Rhoades’ car when he peeled out of the Beechwood Inn parking lot, partially entered the northbound lane of Route 209, struck the mini-van, and then sharply veered into the southbound lane, smashing head-on into Mr. Senavitis’ truck?
6. Why was the driver of the mini-van sent away from the magistrate’s office before the preliminary hearing, thus depriving the defense of her testimony?
7. Why have the two local newspapers published only the court press releases, and refused to publish the eye witness accounts that were provided by others?
8. Why isn’t Attorney General Tom Corbett investigating this accident as a possible case of insurance fraud?
9. With all the trumped up charges, legal abuse, character assassination, and perjury already committed, how can Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis receive fair trials in Monroe and Carbon Counties?
10. How many millions of dollars does the Rhoades family stand to lose when it is discovered that James Rhoades was solely responsible for that accident?  It’s time for truth and justice to pay a visit to northeastern Pennsylvania.
Information that has not been published by the newspapers may be found at:


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