The Department Of Homeland Security Finally Catches Up With The Freedom Medium

Posted on Tue 10/13/2009 by


Janet Napolitano and her crew at the Department Of Homeland Security finally found us.

She must have stumbled across us, read some of our commentary, watched the Fox News videos, and started to become aware of what we have been talking about for months.

And we don’t mind her taking credit for our hard work, we just wish she had started paying attention a little sooner.

On October 12th, she made the following statements in an interview with Bloomberg TV:

“It is fair to say there are individuals in the United States who ascribe to al-Qaeda-type beliefs.”
“And so it makes information-sharing, it makes effective law enforcement and it makes the shared responsibility of law enforcement ever so important.”

Ms. Napolitano, we shared the sort of information that you are just now talking about months ago!

Take a look at updates to just two of our reports on this topic:

Back in April, we found that there are at least 35 Jihadist training camps right here in America, primarily on the eastern end of the country.
The Fox News video below outlines the practices of this movement, but our research uncovered more troubling information.

For instance, in just one example of what the government…Read the rest of this entry