Forgive Bush This Success

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Just updating you on those gleeful claims that Iraq was now headed for civil war, thanks to George Bush’s wicked toppling of Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi civilian deaths last month: 96 – the lowest since the invasion.

Coalition deaths over the past three months: 25 – the lowest since the invasion.

I wonder what the death toll in Iraq would be were genocidal Saddam or his madder sons still in power. Say 3000 a month?

At some stage, surely, some journalists should write an apology. And does (Australian Prime Minister) Kevin Rudd now stand by his claim two years ago that ending Iraq’s totalitarian nightmare and ridding the West of a terror-sponsoring tyrant was the ”greatest … national security policy disaster that our country has seen since Vietnam”?

And here’s one last question: had the terrorists not been so encouraged by the viciously anti-Bush doom-mongers of the Western media, some in my opinion dangerously useful to the killers, might fewer Iraqis have died?

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