Swine Flu, Vaccines, and Mind Control – Part 3

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This article is the third in a multi-part series to monitor and explain the swine flu, vaccines, and mind control.

We’ve established that the swine flu is no more deadly than seasonal flu, and possibly less so. Our healthy children are at the least risk for dying from this “pandemic.” Now let’s take a look at the H1N1 vaccine.

For decades, a chemical called thermisol (merthiolate), AKA Thimerosal, was used in vaccines as a preservative. Thermisol contains 49% ethylmercury, which has been found to cause brain and nervous system damage. This has led many to assert that their children’s sudden-onset of autistic characteristics were caused by vaccine components, typically the thermisol. In 1999, the CDC recommended removal of mercury from innoculations; however, there is no admission that the chemical could have caused autism in children. It is evident that mercury is still used during the production process of some vaccines, but it is supposedly no longer used as a preservative. In 1999, the CDC commissioned a report from a new employee named Thomas Verstraten, who concluded in his first draft that children have a 600% higher chance of becoming autistic when exposed to thermisol. More information on Thimerosal/Thermisol.

Another adjuvant (immune system booster) is squalene. Two of the Big Pharma companies, GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis, may be using squalene in the production of the US swine flu vaccines. The type of squalene being used by Novartis, MF59, has yet to be approved by the FDA as an adjuvant for any vaccines. Squalene causes rheumatoid arthritis in lab rats; it also causes “Gulf War Syndrome” as the Novartis component, MF59, was usedwithout approval in the experimental anthrax vaccine given to our military. GWS symptoms include chronis fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hair loss, weakness, seizures, and the list goes on. The common factor of GWS soldiers is the presence of squalene antibodies. Specifically, soldiers with Gulf War Syndrome ALL had antibodies to squalene in their blood. In contrast, all soldiers who had no symptoms of GWS, also had NO antibodies.

So, the swine flu is mild, most people who get it recover on their own without medication or hospitalization. The vaccine being pushed has not been through the average ten years of testing required to get FDA approval, yet we’re told several times a day through mass media that it’s safe and we NEED this vaccine – children first!

The FDA has a pdf of the Novartis Swine Flu. Apparently, they ARE using Thimerosal in the swine flu vaccine!

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