It’s Elementary: Obama We Praise You!

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BURLINGTON, NJ (SR) – Students at B. Bernice Young Elementary School are being taught songs glorifying President Barack Obama, and many parents are outraged. The school’s activities came to light when a video showing the children singing two songs was recently posted on YouTube.

The strongest objections have centered around lyrics in one song that include “Move over Jesus, we’ve got B.O.,” ” Barack for all that you do, we give our lives to you,” “Only truth Obama tells, Conservatives lie and go to Hell,” among others.

One parent’s letter to the school board is typical of many: “Are you kidding me? You’ve got my kid worshiping a socialist ex-crackhead who was mentored by terrorists and racists? I’m going to kick someone’s ass!” Christopher M. Manno, the superintendent of Burlington Township School District, angrily defended the songs, saying the children “need something real to believe in besides all that ‘Jesus crap.'”

My comments: Wow, I watched that video and all I could think of was that movie “Children of the Damned.” I kept waiting for their little eyes to light up!

Only four or five hours of nonstop margarita drinking is going to get that insipid song out of my head, mmm, mmm. mmm.

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