Its Still 3rd and Long, Time to Move the Rock Downfield!

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ACORN for the first time faces the prospect of receiving its just desserts. The fat lady may be on but she ain’t singing yet, and these people are practiced in the art of covering their tracks. So it behooves us not to get overconfident just yet.

While the investigation on ACORN (and according to Breitbart on yesterday possibly the SEIU or the NEA) has got the ball rolling. We can only hope that DOJ under will follow this trail with due diligence to the big dogs. With holder in that slot, I am something less than confident in the enthusiasm he will pursue this with. However, despite that perceived prosecutorial reluctance, these things can take on a life of their own and a perfect storm manufactures its own momentum. Whatever the case, the debt owed by this country to for their intrepid crusade cannot be overstated.

In football there is a crunch point in every great comeback ( in their erasure of a 32pt deficit come to mind.) there is a turning point upon which one can point to where the tide changed. Having Obama in office, the House and the Senate could reasonably be compared to being down 35-3. The ACORN/child prostitution may be that point at which the progressives, being cocky coming out after half-time, have gotten a tad too sloppy and Giles and O’Keefe just scored two quick TD’s.

As we have seen by the vitriol and intensity of the push-back by the progressives, they have by no means gone into a complacent “prevent-defense”. The conservatives may have seized upon the Alinskyite’s playbook and taken them by surprise by running their own plays against them. Surprise is a fleeting advantage and as they know said playbook at least well we do and we will not be able to just keep running their plays over and over. They will adapt, go into new “formations” with “line-shifts”, “multiple substitutions” and it is guaranteed they will run a few “stunts” against us. And trust me, their elite(ist) linebackers out of SRM (State Run Media) will “blitz” relentlessly.

We have knocked back on their heels, but their defense is formidable and once they regain their balance, will be back on offense. As we are only in the opening minutes of the 3rd quarter, we have to take into account that the other side is going to make “adjustments”. So what should be our game plan going forward?

First off one has to take into account their personnel, who are their star players upon who team depends on most in moving the ball, who are the “game-changers”. The ones who if they “get loose” can really make you pay, or if neutralized, throw them out of synch, disrupt their timing and put them in greatest disarray?

So far we’ve pasted Van Jones (granted only a second-stringer) and he’s out of the game and been hauled off in the cart. We’re shuttling in Giles, O’Keefe, Beck and Breitbart on the Rathkes, and soon with their attention on the SEIU, Andy Stern may soon be headed off to the locker room. Looking across their roster I think Mark Lloyd (another second-stringer) of the FCC will get yanked back to the bench soon enough, so let’s discount him. I would Marilyn Katz in this group due to her particularly repugnant background with the Weathermen, but the administration while keeping her tightly in its inner circle, has had the wisdom of not granting her “official” title and off-payroll.

The clock is running and we are still trailing badly on the scoreboard. To keep the fans in the seats we to have make some “highlight-reel” plays, create some drama, and put up points to keep them interested. This means we have to choose our plays carefully and take our shots when and where they are most apt to gain some serious yardage, dinking & dunking off on screen plays ain’t gonna cut it. The “left coast offense” isn’t our game anyways. Red-staters, heartlanders, the fly-over country boys have always tended more towards “smash-mouth”, in the trenches Butkus type of ball.

With Obama as their QB, though I doubt the actual play caller, he never really says anything definitively, so his slick oratory makes him elusive akin to Vick scrambling out of the pocket. Besides the zebras(especially the peacock in this case) of the SRM are way off the reservation in “protecting the quarterback” and are too prone to calling unnecessary racism, er, roughness anyways.

So playing in a downpour, a reign of invective, and the mud & muck of denigrating epithets from the talking heads up in the booth, Obama/Vick may be just too slippery to get our hands on right now. Who can we rattle, shake up a little bit and take the opposing side out of their stride and will most impede their ability to convert on downs? The next four key players in their line up we can do well in matching up against in my opinion are , , and . Normally I’d include would in this group, but unless he gets caught up in Atty. General Patrick Fitzgerald’s Blagoievich somehow, he is more or less bullet proof. Outside of Rahm no one on Team Obama knows how to play in NFL, he’s indispensable and barring an indictment isn’t going anywhere. So like the Jerry Rice of old we’re just going to have to “cover” him as best we can.

Because of the different positions these four play, they can be best addressed by pairs according to their style of play and the different ways they are used.

Holdren and Sunstein are bruisers coming out of the backfield, if we allow these two ample time to run out the clock, the damage caused may be near irreparable. This one, two-punch intends to move the ball methodically in incremental 3-5yd gains and wear down our defenses, take us out of “our game” of life, liberty and the American way.

Sunstein, through his office as Administer of , is the fullback, the plodder who little by little deigns to “ ” the ball down the field through subtle regulatory manipulation to modify our behavior. His right up the middle style of play will insidiously undermine our game plan as put forth by coaches Jefferson, Hamilton and the rest. I have on this guy’s play before.

Holdren, Obama’s , on the other hand is a “break-out” type of tailback that if you let him turn the corner can do real damage. His play is out to redefine even the rules the game by the altering the facts on the field through perverting the scientific findings of NOAA, NASA, CDC and the like. If the other team can alter the basics in mid-game like how many yards required for a first down, or what exactly constitutes “pass-interference at whim, the game is lost before the opening kick-off. This is particularly essential when they go into their AGW formation and their Cap & Trade ball control game. Fortunately we have reams of “film” on & “fumbling” the proverbial PR football, and we might get the chance at a couple of “turnovers” from the ground game.

With the distinct possibility that the opposing backfield may be its own worst enemy, at least in PR terms, let us now focus on Axelrod and Jarrett.  These two are the “seasoned veterans”, if not on the national stage, most certainly in the world of the Obamanable One. These are Team Obama’s high flying, high profile, stretch-the-field deep threats. Obama is the star and like all QB’s, is the focus of fan attention, the face of the team that always (unremittingly so) before the camera’s. But when there’s a big set back, or series of 3 and outs, it’s the team captains of Axelrod and Jarrett that team turns to rally the troops, the real leaders to whom even the QB turns when he falters. If you can effectively “shut down” these two, team morale plummets and leaves them bereft of the key components necessary to execute their game plan.

David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett play the vital positions that we need to “key on” because they represent Obama’s go-to players when he really needs to put points on the board. Axelrod, because he is the of the operation, the man who orchestrated the campaign and the master of their policy roll-out strategy. Jarrett, because she represents the very of the Obama’s belief’s; their so-called “core” values. She has been with them the longest, and who has done more to advance both of their careers than just about anyone else.

Axelrod’s alliance with Barack can be traced to that of their respective communist mentors & . Without Axelrod the all important “” of the White House will lose its discipline that, to the media, is the pinnacle of all governance. While Rahm Emanuel is needed to twist arms on the hill, nothing twists a politician’s arm like losing the possibility of re-election. It is Axelrod’s job to massage the message and swing the polls to keep them confident that their incumbency is secure. For details on Axelrod’s questionable background to use as starting point to turn up the heat go .

Without Jarrett the Obama’s will be cast emotionally and spiritually adrift. The person with whom they are said to share a veritable Vulcan mind-meld with, without Valerie they are rudderless and their mistakes will become ever more blatant. While Valerie is a little more removed from the Chicago communist scene than David is, if it even possible her sleaze factor within the Chicago-Machine is even greater. And that is quite a feat in of itself. To get an idea of just how plugged-in Jarrett is to the Chicago Centers for Corruption go , and here.

If you have followed the links above you know that Obama, Jarrett and Axelrod are all connected to early 40’s communists in Chicago through their fathers and mentors. For the past 100yrs Chicago has been then epicenter of American communism, and it still is. From Alinsky to Obama the denizens of the Hyde Park neighborhood have striven to “fundamentally transform” America, in ways the last years voters never imagined.

Thanks to Giles and O’Keefe we’ve gained a little space between the scrimmage line and our end-zone. But it’s still 3rd and long on our own 8, it is long field in front of us, and we gotta keep pushing the “rock” down the field!