Climate Change Policies To Throw The Third World Under The Bus (Part 2)

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If you have not read part one of this two part series then take this link and read it before you continue reading this.

It’s emotive to say something like that in the title, but it is what is effectively going to happen.

At the upcoming Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, decisions will be made that will throw those people under the bus. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General is right now holding meetings with more than 100 World leaders in order to shore up deals that will mean that something positive might actually come out of that upcoming meeting in December sponsored by the UNFCCC. The problem he has is that the major Developing Countries will not sign up to any binding emissions reduction bill whatsoever. It has nothing at all to do with environmental vandalism on their part, but mark my words, that is how it will be portrayed.

You see, we here in the already Developed World already have access to reliable constant and regulated electrical power.

They do not, and any deal that will force them to cut back construction of coal fired power plants will be utterly rejected by those Developing Countries. Those coal fired power plants are the cheapest to construct, and also the quickest, meaning that the power they deliver comes on line sooner than for any other type of plant. The fuel, the coal itself, is also relatively cheap, and with all those factors in play, then those developing Countries are constructing those coal fired plants as quickly as they can.

The CO2 emissions from them are what we are being told is the major contributor towards global warming.

So why will this meeting now under the aegis of the UN, and the later one in Copenhagen throw those people in those developing countries under the proverbial bus?

Political pressure in those big countries that already are developed is key to what is going to happen. Governments have slung their hook on this Climate Change debate, and are introducing legislation. This legislation is not designed to cut back on those emissions, otherwise those governments would just unilaterally close those plants down. That would be complete and utter political suicide. So they tell us, in an artful misinterpretation that what they they are doing actually will cut back their emissions. Instead, the actual truth is that all they are doing is making money from it by imposing a cost on that CO2, a cost that will be passed directly onto you as the consumer of that electricity. This cost may actually seem small, but when the scale of the total emissions is actually known, and something carefully not being told to you by those politicians, then the amount actually raised by those governments is astronomically huge.

That is why deals need to be shored up. Those governments do not want to risk losing that huge pot of money.

So, Governments like the Australian Government under Prime Minister Rudd, and the U.S. Government under President Obama are meeting with leaders from those third world countries, making all the deals they can so that their access to all that money will not be jeopardised. These deals will be done behind closed doors, and any announcements will be couched in terms of the environment, with the money aspect not mentioned.

If however, the real truth were to get out, then the people in those already Developed Countries will see exactly the real reasons behind the introduction of these forms of legislation. If people were to be made uncomfortably aware of WHY these countries are building these coal fired power plants like there’s no tomorrow, then the callous disregard of those developed countries would become all too obvious. They’re not doing this to be environmental vandals. They are building these plants so that the people can have access to electrical power. We already have that access, but they don’t. One billion people each, both in China and also in India do not have access to any electrical power at all, let alone what we have and take so much for granted.

So, those big countries will make deals, probably with a lot of money involved so that those developing Countries will keep quiet about the real reason they are constructing those coal fired power plants.

At the end of the Copenhagen meeting, Prime Minister Rudd, and President Obama with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in between them will announce with great fanfare and adoring media attention that they have struck a wonderful new deal that will save the World from Global Warming Climate Change.

This then will pave the way for all the people at home to finally accept those huge new legislative measures that will be put in place. Politicians will fall all over each other in an effort to pass those bills as soon as possible.

Here in Australia we have the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) while in the U.S. you have the Waxman Markey Bill. It is imperative that both Countries pass these Bills, so they tell us, to reduce our CO2 emissions, and those two Countries will do absolutely everything they can to see that passage of those Bills is not jeopardised, for any reason.

So, the deals will be made, the announcements made by beaming leaders, their status back home now enhanced by working this wonderful deal.

What will happen then?

In the U.S. and here in Australia, much will be made of how the two great leaders saved their Countries from the threat of global warming. Emissions will fall, but by such a tiny amount that it will barely be noticeable, and it will have nothing whatsoever to do with the CPRS and Waxman Markey. It will be from natural attrition as those aging coal fired power plants reach their end of their lives.

Meanwhile, in China, in India, and in the Third World, construction of those coal fired power plants will go on at the same rate, not from outright environmental vandalism, but from the imperative of bringing electrical power to the people of those Countries, to keep their economies advancing, to bring them into the twentieth Century, while we here in the 21st Century will still use electrical power as we always have.

And what then of CO2 levels?

Well, as those Third World Countries bring more plants on line, those CO2 levels will continue to rise.

The irony of it all is that the CO2 content of the Atmosphere is the same in China as it is in the U.S. as it is in Australia, as it is everywhere. So cutting back emissions at home in our two Countries will have virtually zero effect on that overall CO2 level.

If the leaders of our two great Countries force those third world countries to stop constructing coal fired plants, then that will be perceived as a victory for the environment. What it does do however is to condemn those Countries to live forever in the most abject poverty, without something we take so much for granted, access to reliable electrical power.

The next time you find yourself in discussion with a true believer in this Global warming climate change debate, I want you to notice their air of superiority that they take while talking about it. They really think they are doing something altruistic, something really good. As you discuss it with them, note how they scoff at you, almost looking down on you if you don’t believe it.

Ask them if they have electrical power connected to the house they live in. Then tell them that because of their belief, they have condemned billions to do without something they take completely for granted.

Show them the eraser. Show them the ball at the tip of the ballpoint pen. Mention that the ball of that ballpoint pen amounts to 50 Billion tons of CO2 each and every year. Ask them how proud they are that they are keeping Billions of people in conditions they could not put up with for one day, let alone their whole lives. Ask them how they feel about throwing all those people under the bus.

The only thing that is going to happen after Copenhagen is that those Countries who have this carbon trading in place, like the U.S. like Europe, like Australia, well, the CO2 levels will still be gradually rising. The only difference now is that the Governments of those Countries will be making money from it. Huge never ending amounts of big, big, money.