Barack Obama Takes The First Step Towards Re-Starting The Cold War

Posted on Wed 09/23/2009 by


And the world has become a much more dangerous place because of it.

President Obama’s decision to scrap plans for a missle defense system in Eastern Europe is a direct slap in the face not only to the accompishments of Ronald Reagan, it is also a slap in the face to some of America’s oldest allies.

On a talk show this past Sunday, the President said:
“My task here was not to negotiate with the Russians.”
“The Russians don’t make determinations about what our defense posture is.”

Finally, Barack Obama speaks the truth.

President Obama, the Russians aren’t making determinations about our defense posture because thanks to you we don’t have one!

Senator Lindsey Graham made the following statement regarding the President’s decision:
“This is going to be seen as a capitulation to the Russians, who had no real basis to object to what we were doing.”
” And at the end of the day you empowered the Russians, you made Iran happy and you made the people in Eastern Europe wonder who we are as Americans.”

I couldn’t agree with Senator Graham more.

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