House Votes to Cut All ACORN Funds – Or Did It?

Posted on Thu 09/17/2009 by


The House of Representatives just voted to pass H.R. 3221, the “Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009,” i.e. “The Student Loans Bill.”A bipartisan vote of 345 to a strictly-Democrat 75 nays pushed this bill forward after a rider was included to keep ACORN from receiving funds. VICTORY!

But, wait, since when do we give up a freedom (from socialistic monopoly of private enterprise) to pull in corruption?

H.R. 3221 is the government’s hostile takeover of the student loan business, in essence making Joe Taxpayer the co-signer on every student loan in the country. If a student does not, or cannot, pay back it’s loans, that cost falls onto We, the People.

THIS is what we get “in exchange” for cutting ACORN off from money it shouldn’t be getting in the first place?

Oh, that reminds me, ACORN wasn’t earmarked for any money under this bill anyway!

The Senate voted to de-fund ACORN earlier this week. Then the House attaches it to a bill the GOP would never vote for, but now they did because it gets rid of ACORN’s cash cow, but now we have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue handling student loans! This does now have to return to the Senate where, if it gets shot down, ACORN retains its funding (although they ar specifically getting funding in this bill anyway). Catch-22 or political paradox?

We’ve just been had, my friends. Don’t fall for it. Keep the pressure on; continue calling, emailing, and faxing your senators and representatives to effect real change. We need to get the Senate to vote down this crazy socialization of college funding and demand there be a separate, one-item only bill that reneges ACORN’s power and finances once and for all.

Sidenote – expect the LIARS in Congress and in the White House to try to pull the same tactic with the takeover of healthcare!

Thanks for the alert, Biggovernment!