Senator Robert Casey Defends His Support of ACORN

Posted on Wed 09/16/2009 by


In response to the ever-growing concern over the illegal, corrupt practices emanating from ACORN offices across the US, with more shocking video due to be released again today, many are wondering how in the world any senator could have voted against taking away ACORN’s taxpayer subsidies.

I called Senator Robert P Casey Jr’s DC office, but no one answered. I then called the DC toll free number, was put through to voicemail after hearing a message saying there was extremely high call volume, then a recording said the inbox was full.

Then I called the Harrisburg office, and again, no one answered. I finally got an unimpressive witch to answer on the Hburg toll free line. I asked her what Casey’s defense was for continuing to support the corruption of ACORN. She seemed annoyed, and said that Casey voted against the Johanns Amendment (#2355 to H.R.3288) because it “went too far” and that criminal activity should be tried in court. She further stated that the statement Casey gave them (presumably to read to angry voters) said that the Amendment was to prevent ACORN from getting any money. I corrected her and told her that it only prevents ACORN from getting money from HUD. She declined “to argue” with me, but said she’d take my comments on the matter. I told her, “This crap right here, him supporting a corrupt organization, this is exactly why I changed my party affiliation to Republican last year after being a Democrat since I was 18. And this crap, this is exactly why he’s FIRED.”

She simply said in her monotone voice, “Okay,” then hung up.

I find this reprehensible. First, Casey obviously didn’t even READ the Amendment (seems to be a common theme in Congress these days), then assumed it removed all funding even though it only stopped a small portion of ACORN’s funneled cash, then he decides it isn’t Congress’s job to stop giving taxpayer money to corruption – it’s for the courts to decide.It’s becoming apparent to me that Casey knows he never would have won his seat without ACORN’S help, and therefore doesn’t want to de-fund them because he would never win without fraudulent votes.

I’m dedicating my extra time and what little money I may have left to whomever steps up to the plate to go against Robert P Casey Jr (AKA Specter’s Shadow) in his next re-election effort.