Operation Can You Hear Us Now

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On the heels of the nearly 2 million Tea Partiers who stormed Washington DC on September 12, another movement is underway to continue the efforts to take our country back, calling the effort the “Big Media rally.”

At Operation Can You Hear Us Now, you will find a gameplan for protesting against the mainstream media (MSM) who habitually ignore and minimalize real news, such as the DC Tea Party. It took the MSM FIVE DAYS to catch onto the ACORN scandals, and even now, some of them are still trying to twist the story into something it’s not.

OCYHUN asks everyone to protest outside “left-wing media outlets” across the country on October 17, 2009. The site encourages rally-goers to continue protesting against the socialization of the country and all the other things that were big issues in DC on 912, but include the lying, blind MSM as well.

The theory is that if the media won’t come to tea parties and other important newsworthy events, we’ll just bring the events to the media. On page 2 of the site is a list of items to keep in mind while assembling at the media outlets, including:

  1. Get friends and Tea Party members together
  2. Find out where the local media offices are located
  3. Plan a Tea Party for Oct. 17
  4. Be respectful and civil, but use your First Amendment rights
  5. Bring video cameras

In addition to these, the site offers some more pertinent advice, “Complete your tea party with a cup o’ tea before leaving the premises. Go home (remember to leave no litter behind – we’re not liberals).”


Our local (northeastern PA) ABC affiliate is in Moosic (PA). Check back for updates on this post as plans for a Big Media rally come in.

Local Affiliates for Lying Media:


16 Montage Mountain Rd
Moosic, PA 18507


230 W 3rd St
Williamsport, PA 17701


553 Main St
Stroudsburg, PA 18360