And the Plot Thickens – Tresa Kaelke, Murderess?

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On Tuesday, Glenn Beck revealed the fourth installment of “this fall’s new reality miniseries,” as one commenter on BigGovernment put it. This fourth episode was shot in San Bernadino, with ACORN lead community organizer Tresa Kaelke bragging about having experience “not getting caught” while running her own brothel service. She went on to offer all kinds of advice on how to be a better criminal. She speaks from her experiences, including an on-tape admission of cold-blooded, premeditated murder of her ex-husband.

Video, Part 1:

After the shock wore off a little bit, the question on everyone’s mind is “Did she, or didn’t she, murder her ex-husband?”

At first, it seemed like it just couldn’t be true – no one is THAT crass, are they? Last night a link was circulating to a San Bernadino restraining order, for a Ronald Kaelke, against Tresa Kaelke for domestic violence. The order began on July 14, 2008 and is valid until July 14, 2011.

Case Solved! She didn’t really kill anyone. ACORN must be telling the truth in their press release stating that Kaelke was “playing along.” Right?

Well, not so much.

Video, Part 2:

The Superior Court of San Bernadino County has a record for Tresa Kaelke. It states:

Case FVI05722 Defendant 96745 KAELKE, TRESA MARIE

Arrest Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status


Results of name search:

“Name Month/Year of Birth Case Number Filing Date Count 1 Charge
KAELKE, RONALD CRAIG 05/1943 LL025327RK 06/10/2008 VC I21453(C)
KAELKE, TRESA 08/1948 36339HDTK 05/23/2008 VC I27315(D)(1)
KAELKE, TRESA MARIE 08/1948 EM45532TK 09/23/1997 VC I12500A
KAELKE, TRESA MARIE 00/0000 FVI05722 03/26/1997 PC CRIMINAL

I am now working on sorting out what all the codes mean and will update here once that’s finished.

UPDATE 1: Tresa Kaelke was charged on 3-26-1997, for which she paid $25,000 cash bail. Her probation for this case was terminated on June 3, 2008. The incident in question took place on December 31, 1996. From Big Government comments, although I don’t know where this listing came from (I’m still searching):

PC §§192(c)(2), 192.5(b), 290, 261.5, 314, 647(a), 647(b), AND 647.6”

As for the penal code listing, CA PC 192 (c)(2)deals with vehicular manslaughter; 290 deals with sex offenders; 261.5 deals with rape of a spouse; 314 handles indecent exposure; 647(a), 647(b), and 647.6 are miscellaneous offenses of being lewd in public, prostitution, and child molestation, respectively.

UPDATE 2: Tresa Kaelke was convicted of driving without a license or insurance and was not wearing her seatbelt on September 23, 1997 (while she was out on bail?).

UPDATE 3: Apparently, she just doesn’t learn her lesson. She was charged and convicted again of driving without a license or insurance on April 27, 2008.

UPDATE 4: The exact charges against Kaelke are not available online due to the case being back in 1996. Whatever it was, it cost $25,000 for bail nd got her 10 years of probation.

I will keep following this up and try to find out what the charges were.