BREAKING: Glen Beck Airing Even Worse ACORN Video

Posted on Tue 09/15/2009 by


At 5pm today, Fox News host Glen Beck will be airing the most condemning video yet of ACORN workers. This one promises to be explosive, with deeper illegality than prostitution and tax fraud.

On Friday, ACORN workers in Baltimore, MD were caught on hidden camera giving advice to “prostitute” Hannah Giles and “pimp” James O’Keefe, on how to evade raising a red flag on their taxes by only claiming some of the 13 illegal alien sex slaves from El Salvadore.

Two employees were fired as a result, and an ACORN spokesman assured us that it was a couple of rogue employees and an isolated incident.

Late Friday evening, on the eve of the biggest conservative protest in history, a second video hit the internet showing two more ACORN workers giving advice on how to evade the law – this time in Washington DC. ACORN went on the news to explain that Hannah and James had tried this same sting in four other offices but failed, naming New York and Philadelphia as two of the “others.”

Yesterday, a third video was released showing an ACORN office in Brooklyn (New York!!). A very similar scene presented itself – employees telling the pimp and his prostitute how to hide their income in a tin in the back yard, among other things.All three videos can be found on BigGovernment.

Today’s Glen Beck episode will show a fourth Giles/O’Keefe video which is supposed to show even worse evidence of how deep the corruption runs in ACORN.Remember, ACORN is Obama’s baby. He seeded it and watched it grow since the early 90’s in Chicago.

Since the first 3 videos came out, ACORN has been banned from the 2010 census by the Census Bureau and a resolution passed the House yesterday to remove federal funding from ACORN Housing.

Check back for updates.

** Side note – ACORN is filing suits against Giles, O’Keefe and Fox News! The MSM is trying to paint Hannah and James as in the wrong for recording without permission. LOL!

UPDATE 1: San Bernadino, CA ACORN office. Tresa Kaelke asks Hannah her line of work, and Hannah says “prostitution” to which Tresa says “Okay!” in a very chipper voice. She tells Hannah she thinks it should be legal anyway. Tresa says she formerly ran an “export service” and that Heidi Fleiss is her hero. (!?!) Hannah explains she wants to have a bunch of underage illegal aliens working tricks in the house.

UPDATE 2: O’Keefe says he plans on using the funds for his future congressional run. Tresa starts naming off politicians they are presumably associated with, namely: [female]Torres CA Senator, Assembywoman 67 district Carter, Barbara Boxer, [female] McCloud. Tresa says she’s not sure her supervisor isn’t involved in the same kind of situation. Tresa tells them she would disguise the sex slave operation, and tells them some would “faint” if they heard about it. Tresa gives advice about seducing male bank officers.

UPDATE 3: Tresa says she was abused by her ex-husband, then says “I killed him … I shot him” when she was 35. Explains he had thrown her around so she shot him and he died. Says she laid groundwork beforehand by going to a woman’s shelter (so she planned the murder!?!)  then says she doesn’t believe in corporal punishment – said she never spanked her kids (but she’s cool with underage girls being imported to turn tricks for cash).