Video and Pics of 912 Tea Party Protest in DC

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My husband joined the NEPA Tea Party on one of two buses chartered for Washington DC. He invited some friends from work, and two of them went along as well, at $30 a head (which came out of our own wallets, BTW). The buses arrived at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre a little after 3:30am Saturday morning. Our local patriots spent the next six hours traveling south to join other real Americans from across the country in petitioning the government for a redress of grievances.

Dan Amato and Ruth Miller took great videos and panorama shots of the crowd, which can be found at Diggers Realm.

Obanocchio - on a stick

Tea Partiers are a clever lot. Some signs made a big statement without even having any words – like this Obanocchio picture.

Obama FAIL

Other signs were obviously time-consuming works of great passion.

Some of my personal faves:

  • Welcome to 1984
  • The 10th Amendment
  • Keep the Tea, Dump Congress
  • I’m Allergic to Kool-Aid
  • Can You Hear Us Now?
  • Socialism Sucks
  • I Didn’t Vote for the Socialist
  • Member of the Mob and Proud of it

For more pictures and Part 2 of the video, click here.

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