Mr. Salvaterra Goes To Washington

Posted on Mon 09/14/2009 by


(As always, we here at The Freedom Medium do whatever we can to provide you with the news you need to know.
So Salvaterra traveled to our nation’s Capitol to provide a first-hand account of the 9-12 Tea Party.)

Yesterday’s demonstration in Washington D.C. was a thunderous statement to “the powers that be” (as John Conyers calls them) that the people are not happy with the way the country is being run since Democrats took over power in 2006.

As much as the pundits and government-run media outlets try to downplay or propagandize what happened yesterday, they just will not be able to keep the citizen patriots quiet or discourage them. And President Obama better be paying attention because the people who marched down Pennsylvania Avenue on September 12th represent the majority of this country. A majority who has decided it will be silent no longer.

I was fortunate enough to travel to D.C….Read the rest of this entry.