912 Tea Party Protest in DC Headcount – Updated – 1.82 Million

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National Mall

The Democrats in Congress, specifically an aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelocchio, sent out a memo last night “warning” other libs that there could be 1-2 million attendees at the Capitol for today’s protest.

Event organizers said they expected 30,000-50,000 people and would be thrilled to recieve that number of participants.

While the MSM news stations (Fox included) have been saying there are “thousands” or “tens of thousands” of protesters, numbers are starting to come in.

It was just reported to me that a speaker has just announced that ABC reported 1.5 million tea party patriots with more attendees still arriving in. I have not been able to find verification of that on the internet as of yet, but I will keep looking.

An unnamed Fox news reporter told some attendees that there were 50 people per second marching down Pennsylvania Avenue for 2 and a half hours, plus some stragglers for another 45 minutes, at about 20 people per second. This translates to about 500,000 people in the march, headed for the Capitol lawn.

While we are still waiting for number confirmations, we’ve found that any MSM crowd estimate (of a conservative gathering) is about 1/3 of the real size. So, while we continue to hear reports from NBC, CNN, Fox, etc, keep in mind that you need to multiply their crowd estimates by 3 to get the real number.

Keep coming back for more updates, pictures, and video later on tonight.

UPDATE 3:06pm EDT: Rep. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee has just confirmed the 1.5 million headcount while speaking to the protest crowd. This was shown live on CSPAN!!!!

UPDATE 3:34pm EDT: Michelle Malkin twittered that police estimates 1.2 million and ABC is now saying 2 million!

UPDATE 3:51pm EDT: Gateway Pundit acknowledges ABC and CNN reporting 2 million plus gathering in DC!

Video and Pictures of the Tea Party!

More pics!

UPDATE 9-14-09: The best comment I’ve seen about the headcount so far, from Gateway Pundit:

From VodkaPundit:

“”Charlie Martin — a computer scientist with extensive intelligence experience — emails from his secret bunker near Boulder, CO:

I did a back-of-envelope based on the photos and reports. A pretty dense crowd is about 1.8 people per square meter, and the National Mall alone is about 125 hectares, 1.25 million square meters. So that would be 2.3 million people.

Given the report from Steve of an actual literal count of 450K early on, I think the 2 million number is *very* plausible.”

The math appears right to me so that would seem to be well in excess of 2 million people, especially counting the “spill out” from the mall.
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Another interesting tidbit – Some are saying that Obama’s multi-million dollar party celebrating his installment as Usurper-in-Chief had 2 million assembled. Well, I found a photo. Let’s compare, shall we? <grin>

83598448MB102_Barack_Obama_The only half-decent aerial photo I could find on a Google search shows large gaps between people. A the DC Tea Party, this same area was completely covered by patriots, no gaps, packed in like sardines, and spilling over into other areas. If this is 2 million, then the DC Tea Party had 3 million, easy.

This is a time-lapsed video of the marchers going down Pennsylvania Avenue on Saturday. If anyone knows where I can get a good aerial shot of the patriots, leave me a comment. Thanks!

PS Just to make sure, since some libtards are swearing the cam shots were from 1997 (because of the half-mast flag on the building – I guess 9/11 means nothing to them!), let’s watch another killer vid, from Frank Strategies LLC:

Correction: Here’s a link to some great images of the crowd!

UPDATE: This link takes you to the park service guesstimation tool for the Capitol Hill protest area. Eat your hearts out! It’s definitely a bare minimum of 1.2 million, and almost definitely OVER 2 million!!

I just watched C-Span2 on television, and kept an eye out for how far back the crowd goes. It was all the way back to the Washington Monument. There’s room for about 400,000 from the LBJ mark to the Washington Monument.

1,200,000 + 400,000 = 1,600,000

Further, the beginning of the chart shows 240,000 in the SEATED area – and if you look at inauguration pics, there are chairs set up. At the 912 tea party, the protesters were packed like sardines. We could easily triple the “chaired” number, but to be fair we’ll just double it.

1,600,000 + another 240,000 = 1,820,000

There you go, America! The official Turtle Tally in DC is 1.82 million red-blooded, true Americans!

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UPDATE 9-15-09: Glen Beck states that the University of Illinois estimated the DC Tea Party crowd at 1.7 million.

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