The Importance of Threat Identification and Priority Targeting when Calling for Fire

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This morning over on Hot Air, one of my regular sites I visit, Ed Morrissey was commenting on the Van Jones resignation, and the possibility of Cass Sunstein becoming the next target of conservative’s ire, he seems to imply that Sunstein might not be the most logical target. That due to the fact the Sunstein is well “qualified” and will probably make for an efficient administrator, that it might be a wasted effort and that he is not one of the most radical appointments. After all, Obama will just replace him with someone else to run the White House Office of Information and Regulatory affairs, who could possibly be in the militant mold of Jones.

I feel just opposite is true, it is because Sunstein would make for an efficient and effective administer in accomplishing abhorrent policy & regulatory writing that he is all the more dangerous. To employ someone with a superior skill-set in enabling our own demise is, by no stretch of the imagination, a reason for less concern.

Loud mouthed, ego-maniacal, militant radicals like Jones, while possibly more malignant and unsavory, are none the less incapable of flying under the radar for long. Just like scorpion in the old fable with the frog crossing the river, they cannot restrain their odious behavior and will reveal their true nature soon enough. Other Czars that are cut from the same cloth as Van Jones are so outlandish, and have been screaming from outside “the system” for so long, that they cannot but help come the public’s attention and be summarily tossed out to the street. It is my guess that most probably someone like say, the new Diversity Officer of the FCC Mark Lloyd, will be next to meet such a fate.

On the other hand, people like Valerie Jarrett, Carol Browner and Cass Sunstein have over time acquired the cloak of “polish” and “respectability” to do real damage. Figures such as these have flitted around the periphery of power enough to know how to conduct themselves in polite company.
Through fraternization and inter-mingling with respectable society they have achieved a form of protection by way of it, as polite society is always loathe to admit that it has allowed such types within their ranks. If someone within your clique finds themselves in a shit storm, by way of proximity it is thus hard to remain unsullied yourself. In another words, it is a two-way street. The very veneer of respectability gleaned by associating with the “right class” of people makes said “class” that much more apprehensive to acknowledge the unsavory aspects of others that have gained admittance. It reflects poorly upon themselves through guilt of association.   —-

This why we must concentrate our efforts, and work to hinder the plans of those who have the finesse to carry out their odious deeds under the cloak of respectability. We must selectively focus the microscope like a laser on their every questionable action. And we must do so with great care. Because, with high value targets every time you miss the mark, you add yet another layer Teflon that comes with every proven false accusation or so-called tempest in a tea-pot.

Contrary to Ed’s position, I tend to think Cass Sunstein to be one of the highest value targets available in what is a target rich environment. There are only so many shots we have at removal from office of Obama officials before the public sees it as mere partisanship and tires of it. Let the smaller functionaries like Jones and Lloyd hoist themselves on their petard and doom their agendas. Like the scorpion, they just can’t help it. In military parlance, when calling for fire select your target according to that whose return fire can do you the greatest harm.

Sunstein has been studying how, and formulating a plan of regulatory coercion over his entire career, and by way of his social acceptability, more apt to be able to implement it. Sunstein is the master and creator of the “Nudge” theory and it is title of his crowning achievement. In it he proposes exactly how he intends to work around the periphery of the issues, hem-in public behavior, and coerce them as he sees fit by way of regulatory elimination of alternate options.

As an analogy suppose you are on the East side of town but wish visit others in the farther Eastern ‘burbs.

In the Sunstein model you would find road detours that, because such things are so innocuous, went largely unannounced. So you try swinging around to the North in search an open avenue, to no avail. A “street fair” celebrating the virtues of vegetarian dietary regimens, is being held by PETA and has closed these blocks off. When veering over to the South side for an open route to your destination, you find that a bridge is out citing safety concerns due some asbestos abatement project. It appears that everywhere you turn it is the same; there is someone, or something to spare you from some malady or potential danger. Either, real or imaginary.

Upon every blocked means of egress that you find some helpful signage, or a road crew, that suggests a possible open path just a little West of your current position.

After several instances of following the seemingly good natured guidance through a veritable labyrinth worthy of the name “bureaucracy,” you find that despite all your efforts, you have wound up on the West side of town, Upon further assessment you find that behind you, the all those helpful road crews have changed the signs and they are all now “one way”, pointing West. Another words, you find yourself stuck in a place exactly opposite of where you were going, the Eastern ‘burbs.

So now, after much frustration, your plans are ruined and you want to figure away back to your comfortable confines on the East side. You break out a map and start looking for a landmark. To your astonishment, and as you come over a rise, you see the Pacific! Oh-hell-no, by now you have been driven so far off course, that you’re on the “Leftcoast!”

A road crew off to the side is erecting a new sign, “Welcome to Obamafornia!”

It is no coincidence that I unfittingly used bureaucracy in my analogy, nor is it a coincidence that Cass Sunstein has been placed in a position where that Labyrinth is created. It is by subtle, incremental manipulation through precise regulatory language that Sunstein desires to Nudge the American people precisely where they do not wish to go. This is the reason behind the rush and the vaguely worded gobbledygook of the Stimulus/Cap & Tax/Health Reform bills. It is because by the most insidious means of mundane, bureaucratic, legalese they mean to enforce their wishes upon you, and cannot be placed openly in the legislative language. Every time you wish to head East you’ll find some clerk sputtering the lame phrase, and the excuse bureaucratic tyrants use everywhere, “Well, I’m sorry Sir/Ma’am, its just pursuant to our policy that…

It is why Cass Sunstein is potentially the greatest danger to American liberty of all the Obama appointees; he knows what he is doing. And blocking his appointment to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, should be one our highest priorities.

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