An OPEN LETTER to Pennsylvania’s Senior US Senator Arlen Specter

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Posted by Minnie (Reprinted with permission and edited to protect the identity of individuals.)

The Hon. US Senator Arlen Specter
The Federal Building, 11th Floor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Monday, April 27, 2009 – The Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg
Subject: Judicial Corruption … Malicious Prosecution, Wrongful Convictions, Alarming Prison Population and Overcrowding, and Inmate Abuse

Senator Specter: I have visited your Scranton and Harrisburg offices on numerous occasions over the last couple of years, and attended a town meeting you had held. I have spoken with your staff members and have given them copies of documents that I had filed in Federal Court … as well as had provided copies, thereof, to The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, including in-depth reports with supportive documents submitted to The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

The issues that are raised in those documents and in my conversations with your staff members concern:
1) The high … and continually growing prison population in Pennsylvania,
2) Malicious Prosecutions … subsequently resulting in Wrongful Convictions,
3) The violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights by The Courts and its Officers,
4) The abuse of prison inmates … and,
5) Evidence that counties within northeastern Pennsylvania (Monroe, Luzerne, Carbon, Lackawanna, Schuylkill, and others) have clearly been operating in blatant violation of: Federal RICO Statutes … and furthermore, are constantly bringing about Wrongful Convictions on our helpless law-abiding citizenry.

Especially outrageous are the assaults upon the disabled, as in the case of my autistic son, who was maliciously prosecuted and wrongfully convicted in Monroe County without any evidence to suggest that he was involved in the incident at-issue. He was never tried for committing a criminal act – but rather, as to whether he was mentally ill or legally insane. —-

He was neither. He suffers from: Autism Spectrum Disorder – which is a biological and neurological disorder. Furthermore: All of the evidence directly relative to the specific alleged incident at-issue was clearly exculpatory, and subsequently was withheld from the jury.

My son was incarcerated for over two years before going to his sham: Show-Trial, as his Public Defender filed continuance after continuance. My son had made a conscious decision NOT to waive his Rule 600 (Right to Speedy Trial).

His public defender intentionally signed the waiver without my son’s knowledge, nor his consent.

My son was sentenced to fourteen to twenty-eight years in state prison. He has been incarcerated since March 13, 2003 – (now over six years). For two of those six years he was completely cut off from any contact with his family and the outside world, as he was unable to put anybody on his visitor list, and the prison personnel would not help him.

He is presently being held in a state prison in northeastern Pennsylvania. He is emaciated due to his severe digestive disorders. He is very over-medicated and suffering the life-threatening side effects of that medication, and resembles a typical inmate held at a Nazi Concentration Camp – or recently, such a camp in the former Yugoslavia.

He has been sexually assaulted, beaten, and tortured (with electricity). This had occurred at various State Correctional Institutions in Pennsylvania. He has been held at five State Correctional Institutions, plus our depraved local county jail — which has rightfully earned a reputation for sexual abuse by the guards, as well as far too many other indiscretions to begin addressing right now.

It is my understanding that you have joined: US Senator Webb (from Virginia) in addressing the appalling rate of imprisonment in our country. This high rate is definitely not due to any overwhelming rate of actual criminal activity, except, of course, by members of the judiciary, et al — as has been clearly demonstrated by the outrageous and well-covered incident which finally had been identified in Luzerne County regarding the atrocities which were committed by: Judges Ciavarella and Conahan.

If a preliminary investigation was ever dared to be carried out in other counties – specifically in Monroe, Lackawanna, Schuylkill, and Carbon – there would be no doubt, whatsoever, that many other violations of the law are regularly being committed by: The Police … District Justices, District Attorneys and their cohorts in-crime (the Public Defenders), as well as the County Judges.

Further, On Thursday, April 23, 2009 – I was an eye-witness to an appalling and abominable incident that occurred within The Carbon County Courthouse, where a five-foot, two-inch tall, 120 pound medically fragile woman was assaulted by the deputies, dragged down the hallway and put up against the wall, and threatened with being “cited”.

She was then dragged back down the hallway past the many people who were standing (or sitting) along the walls of the corridor, and forcibly pushed down the stairs toward The Sheriff’s Office. She was cited for: “Disorderly Conduct” – subtly taken to a District Justice in Jim Thorpe … who ordered her to prison and set her bail at a whopping $US 20,000.00.

The woman in this instance had not done anything at all. She was quietly standing in the hallway, as were all the rest of us. However, she just happens to be the wife of: Thomas P. Senavitis – the man who has been maliciously accused of causing the accident which took the life of PA Senator James Rhoades.

All of the evidence in the aforementioned case clearly reveals that: Mr. Senavitis is completely innocent of the charges fabricated against him, that he definitely had not left his lane of traffic – meaning, it was Senator Rhoades who was (partly) responsible for causing the accident.

(Partly) – because for some conjecturable reason/s the authorities had been omitting the critical involvement of a third vehicle, driven by a young Argentinean woman – who was evidently responsible for setting-up the conditions that resulted in the violent collision which ultimately resulted in Senator Rhoades’ loss of his life.

Having no evidence to proceed with a legitimate prosecution, and so much prima facie evidence to totally exonerate Mr. Senavitis, both of the PA counties involved: Monroe and Carbon County (possibly at the request of Christopher Hobbs, Esq., a Schuylkill County Public Defender and Senator Rhoades’ son-in-law) knowingly and willfully had used their positions-of-authority to maliciously commit legal abuse and character assassination against the entire law-abiding Senavitis Family.

Where was Mrs. Senavitis’ Public Defender while she was being accosted by the deputies at The Carbon County Courthouse on Thursday, the 23rd of April, 2009??? He had conveniently disappeared!

Senator Specter, We have too many serious problems within our Commonwealth, as well as throughout our entire country. No doubt you must already be fully aware of this fact. It is especially disheartening that these serious problems we now encounter … some being addressed, herein – had been caused by the unethical and criminal acts of selfish political and judicial leaders. It is high time this appalling situation becomes seriously addressed and rectified, rather than covered up by the “good ole boy buddy system”.

Further, The Pennsylvania prisons are over-crowded, and too many inmates are being deprived of a nutritious diet, as well as appropriate medical care. These inmates have been reduced to abject poverty, are physically and psychologically abused by the prison environment, and are evidently being denied their Civil and Human Rights. Additionally, we have an overwhelming rate of Wrongfully Convicted Innocent Inmates and those who had received extremely harsh sentences for what were forgivable types of minor offenses. Today’s prison situation in our Commonwealth may aptly be considered as: Modern-Day Slavery – and as well, “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”.

Please take the time to read the documents that I have given to your office, and bring investigations against these corrupt counties in northeastern Pennsylvania – and the illegal, unethical actions of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

While I have your attention, I am compelled to bring to your attention that this morning at The Schuylkill County Courthouse in Pottsville, PA – Opening Statements are scheduled in: “Commonwealth v- Piekarsky and Donchak” – two American teenagers who are being maliciously indicted for the death of a fugitive and pedophile (who had impregnated a 14/15-year-old child) … a case where the prime focus has been placed upon this perverted criminal who was illegally residing in Schuylkill County, PA.

Finally: Please do whatever you can to come to the aid of my innocent, gentle, abused, indigent autistic son – and to secure his immediate release from the custody of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania — while he remains alive. It should go without saying here – that one would now expect you to promptly incite a full-fledged Federal Inquiry into the unforgiving facts which I had just briefly outlined, herein.

Responsibly yours,