Pelosi Says Health Care Bill WILL NOT Pass The House!

Posted on Sun 09/06/2009 by


And she’s letting the President know about it in no uncertain terms.

In spite of the fact that President Obama is considering a health care reform bill without a public option, Pelosi is insisting it be part of the package.

In a recent statement,Pelosi made the following claim:

“A bill without a strong public option will not pass the House.”
“Any real change requires the inclusion of a strong public option to promote competition and bring down costs.  If a vigorous public option is not included, it would be a major victory for the health insurance industry.”

She then went on to say that the month of August has brought distortions from people who want “to try to kill this historic legislation.”

And on that last part she is right on the money.

I haven’t seen such a public uproar since the days of the anti Vietnam War protestors.

There is one thing she is overlooking.

The reason people are speaking out to…Read the rest of this entry