Adolph Hitler Is Found Living In Massachusetts

Posted on Wed 09/02/2009 by


Ah Massachusetts.

That bucolic little state that kept electing a man to the Senate even after he was responsible for the death of a young woman.

The state that gave us a Presidential candidate, a potential Commander-In-Chief who threw away his own medals and claimed that anyone serving in the military was stupid.

So, now that Ted is dead and Kerry is not so merry, what is your next move?

It’s obvious, you tear up the United States Constitution and take the first steps towards turning your state into a modern-day version of Nazi Germany.

The Massachusetts State Senate recently passed the “Pandemic Response Bill 2028″ and it is now awaiting approval by the House.

A piece of legislation that would make Adolph Hitler proud, and would bring a smile to the face of Josef Mengle, the bill is being described as a public safety measure in the event of a swine flu outbreak.

Let’s take a look at some of the Gestapo-type powers this bill imposes…Read the rest of this entry