Gangs Of Activists From Organizing For America At Town Halls

Posted on Sat 08/29/2009 by


(This is the first of two parts. If you enjoy this one, be sure to check back tomorrow, you will love part two. If you hate this one, be sure to check back tomorrow, you will really hate part two.)

Yesterday we reported on how Organizing For America, known to some of us as Obama’s Army, were hiring recruits at a very good rate of pay.

We also pointed out that members of what is possibly a forerunner of Obama’s Civilian Defense Force were being snuck into town hall health care meetings.

It seems as though we were a bit off the mark on that one.

They aren’t sneaking in, they are blatantly and openly campaigning for passage of Barack Obama’s health care reform bill!

Apparently the thugs from ACORN and the SEIU weren’t intimidating enough, so Obama had to call up the reserves.

So today we will show you proof of the actions of Obama’s Army, and some of their tactics.

This is being done on Obama’s behalf in spite…Read the rest of this entry