Please, Do Not Feed the 800 lb Gorilla…..

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The right has opposed Obama and the left has supported him, on the mistaken belief that Obama was a socialist. I have hesitated to call it as I see it for fear of being labeled a “paranoid,” but. Well now the cat is out of the bag, and media arms of both the and are now describing Obama’s authoritarian corporatist proclivities as . Mussolini described Fascism as, “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”. Subsuming all private endeavors as business of the state’s, and the state’s existence is the sole duty of the individual. Not entirely differing from Obama except that in Obama’s case, he seems to despise the particular state he wishes to rule.

The left has disparaged conservatives as Fascists mistakenly for the last 50 years or so. And while Fritzsche describes Fascism as right-wing populism, originally the word in Italian political history stretches back to the in the form of fasci, which were radical that proliferated in the decades before World War I. The adoption of this term by the Fascist Party reflected the previous involvement of a number of them in radical left politics. But in practice Mussolini, who we now most associate with fascism, held labor in a subservient position to the corporation. As we can now see with labor’s , that is not presently the case. So with labor now dominant and the global governance philosophy of the left marginalizing national sovereignty, one might reasonably say that might be a more accurate description of how the Obama administration is conducting itself.

Syndicalism, for those not familiar, is one member of the family of pre-arranged economies, and is the off-spring born of Socialism and Communism if you like. Syndicalism relies on trade unions as the basis of social structure, it is explained by as “A model syndicalist community is as follows. The local unit, the syndicat, would communicate with other syndicats through the bourse de travail (labour exchange). The bourse would handle management and the transfer of commodities.” Sounds strikingly similar to how Obama and the Democrats want to set up a “Health Care Exchange,” does it not?

Syndicalism has a few alterations from the loins of which it emerged. Both Socialism and Communism for instance are centered on the Nation-State as the primary entity shaping policies, where Syndicalism revolves around extra-national trade groups.

Mark Twain stated that “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme” So it might be reasonable to say the Obama model borrows heavily (pun intended) from the Alinsky plan organizationally, a Communist/Socialist vehicle to attain power. Obama has since wielded a somewhat inverted Fascistic marriage of Government, Labor & Industry since coming into office. Where this assumes the shape of Syndicalism is in his alliances with International Trade Unions and Multi-National Corporations as his power base, to the detriment of the Nation State. And it is further evidenced in his selection a vast array of internationalists, like Cass Sunstien and Susan Powers in his staff and ever growing multitude of Czars. Perhaps most starkly depicting  his global redistribution aims, is his only bill authored as a U.S. senator, the which would allow the U.N. to set foreign assistance levels to come out of American coffers. In effect, making the U.S. Treasury the de facto slush-fund of U.N. largesse

It is all too easy to get caught up in the semantics of all the various “isms.” What is crystal clear, is their commonality of using collectivist priorities in an effort top stamp out any vestige of individualism. And thus the crux of western intellectual thought since the Enlightenment.

It should be noted however, that the only two examples in history where Syndicalism came to power, it rapidly morphed into Communism. Again, from it is stated “Instances of syndicalism in power, during the or the rapidly approach the economic organisation of communism, often within weeks of syndicalists seizing control of social production.”

Whatever the manifestation of “ism” it is that Obamanism eventually is found to   represent in the end, no serious person could ever mistake it for free market !

How it went unchallenged by conservatives in court I cannot fathom, but a precedent was set first with the bank bailouts, and then reinforced in the take over and redistribution of GM & Chrysler. With the shareholder’s, or rightful owners if you will, extra-legally stripped of their assets in favor of a foreign multi-national (Fiat) and the UAW, we see the spectre of Syndicalism taking shape.

Obama’s hubris and casual disregard for the law, to the constitution, and our traditional understanding of justice is contrary to all that I was taught our country stood for. And even more disturbing, he appears completely unfazed by the dissipation of popular support for his actions or policies. It as if our approval of his governance is superfluous to some higher agenda of his. That, in the grand scheme of things, what we think is inconsequential in the face of Obama’s superior motives. It is reminiscent of the glimpses of elitism he demonstrated campaigning in , and eerily emblematic of a despotic narcissism.

Many Americans were uneasy with his self-righteous and the presumption he displayed in his address, maybe indicating that as a citizen of the world, it was not America that he meant to serve. His overbearing manner of insisting on adoption of his programs without debate or reflection has further unnerved many.  And now his devil-may-care self assuredness in his apparent decision to ram through a health-care take over that now garners little support, bodes of ill things to come. The Democrat Leadership’s desire for absolutist control is so far out of bounds, that they now insinuate themselves into the most mundane aspects of everyday life, they now even wish to regulate your and .

Some have characterized this kind of overreach as the innocent folly of . That more approaches will emerge if we just give Team Obama more time, and that hey at least they’re trying. But these are seasoned veterans of the Chicago political machine and like Jason in the Bourne Identity, I do not think all that at first appear as mistakes are not necessarily so, every move made is with designed purpose. And like Bourne they have struck with dazzling speed before their opponents could mount an effective defense, meaning to leave the public ensnared in a web of dependency before it even realizes that it is in a hostile environment.

Bear with me a minute, and keep in mind the strategy of “manufactured crisis” and Rahmmy’s mantra of “let no crisis go to waste.” The only missing tile to the Fascist mosaic is the creation of a police state. Through various Executive Orders G.W. Bush in the panic after 9/11, left an uncomfortable array of tools at Obama’s disposal for the implementation of one.

It took Jon Voight in the to state the un-mentionable 800lb gorilla in the room, “is Obama trying to start a Civil War?” We already see weapons being at Town Halls where he shows up to speak, and violence in St. Louis. God knows there has been no shortage of hot-heads in the threads with innuendos (an understatement) of preparation for armed conflict. Hell, it is no secret that other than Cash for Clunkers, the only business that is booming since last September has been & ! There are waiting lists, believe me, I know!

So if, which seems apparent to me, Obama & Co are striving for an authoritarian, Statist police state. And with it’s policies of state dominance over , and soon our , to go with their monopoly of our education/indoctrination system that helped propel them to this point, what is left needed to complete the picture? The answer is rather simple, another “emergency.”

The “emergency” could take many forms, but with rising fears, anger and outright hostility burgeoning across the land, all that might be needed to declare a “state of emergency” is tempers to boil over in violence. Not an isolated mind you, but just one mob scene of a clash between the tea-party crowd & the ACORN/SEIU disciples might be just enough to be a tipping point. Provided of course if you could, per chance, enlist the aid of a co-operative media to play it up a little…..Well thank god we have an adversarial press who shies away from sensationalism to protect us from just such an eventuality! With enough provocation from either side, the elements of police state tactics could be all too easily justified.

The times and climate now calls for calm and prudence. Those thuds you hear in the background are members of my family collectively fainting. These are not the cardinal traits for which I am particularly known, to say the least. But this is a precipitous moment in America, and the stakes are just too high. Rumors of an armed citizen insurrection could very well play right into a wannabe-tyrant’s hand. We must not provide the circumstances that would allow Obama the pretext to federally establish supposed “public safety” measures.

As Obama’s mask of jovial demeanor and serene rectitude slips a bit more with each passing day. The electorate is finding that they cannot square his ever shifting words with the vacant round hole where his purported principles were. Unless some fool ass goes off and does something stupid, the unveiling of Obama’s true nature is being exposed and is coming to America’s attention, .

In this atmosphere vociferous protest is warranted, indeed welcomed, but reason and cerebral discourse must, I hope, carry the day. To take up arms against fellow Americans to secure liberty is the gravest of decisions. The point at which we have to storm the barricades has not quite been reached. What exactly, such a point looks like is yet to be determined, and I pray that such a determination need not be necessary, ever.