Obama Designates Sept. 11th As National Socialism Day

Posted on Wed 08/26/2009 by


We don’t need to rehash the events of September 11th, 2001.

All true Americans have their memories of that fateful day, and remember it in their own ways.

As the anniversary of 9-11 approached, some pinhead member of Congress made a motion that the day be made a national holiday.

For once, common sense prevailed, once it was pointed out to this moron that it was not proper to honor the memories of the people who lost their lives that day with a day off from work and a backyard cookout.

Now President Obama has taken common sense and kicked it through the West Wing windows.

In another move toward creating the United Socialist States of America, the Obama administration wants to turn September 11th into a “National Day Of Service.”

Up till now, September 11th has been a day of reflection and rememberance of the nearly 3,000 people murdered in one single day by Islamic terrorists.

Now, the President wants it to be a day of global warming awareness…Read the rest of this entry