Politicians Ignoring The Will Of The people

Posted on Mon 08/24/2009 by


What is it with politicians?

This story comes out of New Zealand.

Two years ago, the former New Zealand Government introduced laws that made smacking your children as part of normal parental discipline a criminal offence.

The current New Zealand Government is Conservative in nature, and from the opposite side of the political fence to the one that introduced these laws.

These laws have been roundly criticised during those two years that they have been in place.

So, this new Government decided to put it to the people in the form of a Referendum.

The went to enormous expense, in fact more than $10 Million, to mail the Referendum question out to every New Zealand person qualified to vote.

It was a relatively successful campaign, in that nearly 60% of the people responded by sending back their vote.

The votes were tallied, and 88% of the voters ticked the box that the laws should be repealed, and that parents should be allowed to smack their children as part of parental discipline.


This morning, the Government said that they heeded the result, but the laws would not be changed. They have now said that the Referendum was a non binding Referendum. Weasel words.

Why do we pay these people?