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Today’s music video is ‘Photograph’ from Ringo Starr.

Drummers are sometimes the forgotten members of bands, but are an integral part of the makeup, and without a good drummer, any band is just average. Such was the case with the Beatles, and Ringo.

He was not really expected to have much of a solo career, but in fact had quite a successful career after the Beatles split up.

Other notable drummers to have come out from behind their kits and had good solo careers include Don Henley, Phil Collins and Karen Carpenter to name just a few.

Ringo is the only member of the Beatles never to top the English charts during their solo careers, but he did have three number ones in the U.S. The first was ‘It Don’t Come Easy’ in 1971, co written with fellow member of the Beatles George Harrison. This song was his second number one and his biggest selling single. His third big hit was ‘You’re Sixteen’. He has been quite prolific as a solo artist and brought out 14 studio albums in all.  It’s hard to believe our childhood rock stars every grow old, but Ringo is 69 now.

Ringo also had a large slice of life outside the music industry, and was the narrator for a quirky little English children’s TV show titled ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ for a few years.

An odd thing about Ringo is that he is left handed, something that made it a little difficult when he set out on his early career as a drummer, and probably something that not many people would take into account. Most drum kits are set up for right handers, and Ringo had to learn something completely new to be able to play the drums as well as he could., becoming ambidextrous in the process.

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