Barack And Michelle Disagree On Health Care Reform

Posted on Fri 08/21/2009 by


The following is an update to an article we did a while ago, before the debate about health care reform started to heat up.
The “free everything for everybody” propaganda that Barack Obama is spouting is a far different scenario than the plan Michelle Obama and David Axelrod put into place at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
Yes, this is the same David Axelrod who sent out all those “fishy” e-mails to folks who had never contacted the White House.
The same ones that Major Garrett of Fox News asked Robert “I’m a know-nothing blithering idiot” Gibbs about.


Michelle Obama  is on unpaid leave from her $317,000 a year job as a vice-president of the University Of Chicago Medical Center.

She was making a mere $122,000 a year just before her husband got elected to the Senate.
Before she went on leave, Mrs. Obama was instrumental in having the hospital adopt a program known as the Urban Health Initiative.

The purpose of the plan is to steer people who don’t have adequate health…Read the rest of this entry