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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Australian Senator Barnaby Joyce (LNP-QLD)

Australian Senator Barnaby Joyce (LNP-QLD)

TonyfromOz prefaces …..

This is a short post from Andrew that says it all. However, as background, this preface will actually be longer than the post itself. The Barnaby mentioned here is Senator Barnaby Joyce. He represents the State of Queensland and is a member of the LNP, the Liberal National Party, but don’t let that party title fool you, because that party is as staunchly Conservative as you can get. There are two major Conservative parties in Australia, the Liberal Party, (formed in 1944) and the National Party. (which was formerly the Country Party) The Liberal Party represents urban Conservatives whilst the National Party represents regional and rural Australian areas, and as Australia is such a large Country, those regional and rural areas are huge and diverse. That original Country Party (now the LNP) represented, in the main, those farming communities, and even though their constituencies are different, the policies are basically the same as for their more urban fellow Conservatives, the Liberal Party. So, where you see the word ‘Liberal’ in reference to the party name, be fully aware that it means the exact opposite to what that word means in the U.S. and the Liberal Party of Australia has the same beliefs as the Republican Party in the U.S. and the same applies to the Liberal National Party as well.

Their policies are similar and they have formed a tight two party coalition over the years. In the State of Queensland those 2 Parties have recently amalgamated into the one party, The LNP. So when you hear the word Liberal attached to a political party, here in Australia, it means the exact opposite to what it does in the U.S.

Senator Joyce is gaining support all around the Country for the stance he takes on issues. This is the link to his biography. Originally, when first elected, he was thought of as maybe a ‘loose cannon’ in the way he opposed some of his fellow Conservatives. Now, 4 years after being elected, he is considered a formidable opponent in the Senate, and he is now seriously regarded by mainstream Australians as someone whose points of view have touched a nerve, and his eloquent quote in the following post in fact says it all.

The Rudd mentioned here is the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, and Malcolm is the leader of the opposition coalition Malcolm Turnbull, so in effect, Senator Joyce is speaking out against his own Coalition leader as well as the Prime Minister. What he says is exactly how a large number of Australians really think on this matter. Senator Joyce is the Party Leader of the Nationals in the Senate.

He’s right, of course – both schemes to cut our gases are pretend fixes to a pretend problem, sure to cause us far more pain than either can even hope to prevent, just to set an example no one will follow:

The Nationals leader in the Senate, Barnaby Joyce, said that ‘’if it’s a choice between Rudd’s scheme and Malcolm’s scheme, I will prefer the latter.

‘’But please don’t take that as an endorsement of the argument – they are both full of shit.’’

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