Exclusive Interview – PA Senatorial Candidate Peg Luksik

Posted on Thu 08/13/2009 by


I recently had the opportunity to ask some tough questions of Senatorial candidate . She is running against for the Republican nod in the next primary. The results of that interview should show PA voters the type of person Peg is and where she stands on the issues that matter.

Peg identified herself as Catholic when I asked whether she was a Christian. I asked about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and she said, “Israel is an ally and we should back our allies. What’s happening to Israel amounts to international bullying.”

On her website, she notes that she is against abortion. When questioned about whether exceptions should apply, such as in cases of rape or medical health, she said she had seen many babies born – not one of them was an exception, only boys and girls. She is totally against abortion in any form, for any reason.

We discussed family-based societies versus government control. Peg has read Orwell’s “1984” and sees similarities with the United States today. “Towards the end of the book, when [Winston] is being interviewed, the guy who is interviewing him tells him that they remove words from the language [Newspeak].” She continued that if there are no words for what you’re thinking, ‘you can’t share it with anyone else.’ Peg likened this to the current public education, where children are not taught about the words of the Constitution, so if they can’t think those words, they can’t tell them to anyone else.

On the topics of NAFTA, the United Nations, and a North American Union, Peg adamantly opposes anything that would undermine US sovereignty. She said “there is something unique and wonderful about the Constitution.” She believes that it’s acceptable to have a place for countries to discuss differences, but the UN is not that place. As for NAFTA, Peg believes it has hurt American jobs. She said a chamber director had told her that American businesses are hanging on by bloody fingernails and we’re no longer helping our own. Trade needs to be fair, and “China’s openly cheating.”

Peg would not have voted for Sotomayor to be confirmed to SCOTUS because Sotomayor “doesn’t think everyone’s equal, ” although Peg supports the judge’s right to say whatever she wants under the First Amendment, but not as a Supreme Court Justice.

The candidate supports the use of nuclear energy. She was a bit perturbed by the fact that our country “developed all the nuclear technology, but Carter gave it all away and the feds shut the energy industry down. Now we have to buy back our own tech from other countries.”

When asked about capital punishment, Peg said that she supports each state’s right to be able to impose the death penalty, and she also supports the right for it to not be used (as in a governor signing a stay of execution rather than going through with the sentence). She said that it is something the federal government can use in limited cases, such as treason.

On hate crimes, Peg said she doesn’t believe in them, that “it’s just as bad to hit person A as it is to hit person B.You’re still hitting them either way.” She further commented that the reasons behind the hit do not matter, it’s still hitting someone, and we cannot be the ‘thought police.’ When referring to MALDEF’s attempted interference in the Shenandoah trial, she said, “Justice is supposed to be blind.”

Being that this candidate may potentially run against Benedict Arlen Specter if she wins the primary, I asked her what she thought about the townhall protests going on this summer and whether she thinks that these people are paid to disrupt meetings as Nancy Pelocchio thinks. Peg said with a half-hearted chuckle that the SEIU people are paid, but that most are not. She said she met a grandmother who said she would rather be anywhere in the world but at the townhall meeting, but that she had to be there for her grandkids to have a future. Peg mentioned she hopes the grassroots protesters are fed up enough to turn it in to the ballot box.

I asked Peg which of the first 10 Amendments is her favorite. She said the most pertinent today is the 10th, which refers to states’ rights and the powers specifically given to the federal government. She says, “We must return power to the states or we’re going to collapse.” She added that the 10th is “the structural amendment, but we allowed DC to centralize everything.”

Peg Luksik most wants voters to know that she doesn’t pander – she tells it like she sees it whether it’s pretty or not.

As a mother of six, Peg offered some words of advice to mothers, “Remember every day that the days are long, but the years are short.”

She is currently touring the commonwealth holding “kitchen table meetings” which are similar to miniature townhall meetings. If you are interested in holding one, contact Peg’s office at the link.

Peg is also against illegal immigration, likening the usual sob story of illegal aliens to a story about a man who killed both of his parents, then asked the court to be lenient because he was an orphan.

Common sense goes a long way, so here’s hoping a candidate who has some wins the Senate seat against Specter.