Guide To A One Punch KO: Don’t Let Them Punch Back

Posted on Sat 08/08/2009 by


President Obama’s healthcare reform movement is in trouble. The town hall protesters have taken over the discussion on healthcare, embarrassing our leaders who don’t have any clue of what is in either the Senate or the House healthcare bills. This has led President Obama and the Democrats to resort to some questionable tactics including the DNC’s latest commercial that bashes town hall protesters as an “angry mob” to try and regain some kind of control over the discussion. Since these tactics have not yet worked, the White House decided they better prepare Democrat Senators before the senators go home for recess, not just to avoid any more embarrassment, but to also show an aggressive attitude toward the citizen protesters.

Obama’s deputy chief of staff Jim Messina told Senate Democrats “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” to show the senators that the White House has their back against the American people who disagree with the Democrats’ plan to overhaul the best healthcare industry in the world. It is a reminder of the aggressive tactics that Obama promoted during the campaign and the fact that this guy was a community organizer from Chicago.

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