The 3rd Coast and The 3rd World

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The recent dust up between officer Crowley and professor Gates has been splashed across many headlines of late, and has taken up considerable column space in various Op-Eds since. President Obama finds himself once more, entirely through his own fault, embroiled in racial controversy, and people, again despite the image put forth by Axelrod and the media, are questioning just how post-racial he truly is.

As someone who was a member of the oppo-research team for one of the Republican candidates during the last election cycle, I have been studying Obama and his cadre of insiders for the better part of two years. No doubt racial grievances are part and parcel of the Obama agenda, with a heavy dose of New Age eco-collectivism thrown in just to be hip. However the root core of his prejudice I think stems more from a broader perspective of perceived hemispherical oppression, a view shared by Rev. Wright and others of this school of thought, that view being namely, the “subjugation” of the southern races by us their northern counterparts. That, our exploitation of them both past and present, is solely responsible for the relative advantages enjoyed today by what is termed as the 1st world nations. This north/south perspective not so incidentally also tends to be the quasi-equatorial divider of the lighter and darker races.

That oppressive subjugation did not originate with the explosive European population growth of the medieval-optimum (AD 950-1350) and does not seem to enter into Obama’s calculus. It is a matter of historical fact that tribal subjugation of others had been the rule rather than the exception amongst the then already established societies of the southern hemisphere.  Every feat of accomplishment by the southern empires from Machu Pichu to The Great Library of Alexandria was borne upon the backs of forcibly conscripted labor. It is also conveniently overlooked that these practices, still common today in the 3rd world, had never been abolished anywhere until the advent of the American Civil War, a war fought between Caucasians for the fate of their darker brethren.

As has been demonstrated by Obama’s sponsorship of S.2433 (The Global Poverty Act of 2007), his ultimate goal would appear to be to rectify the disparity between the haves of the north and the have-nots of the south. The scope of his grand redistribution scheme is not as much to do so within the borders of the U.S. But to, in collaboration with Soros’ Open Society and other like-minded leftist social engineers, shift the prosperity of the industrial north, primarily centered in Europe and N. America, to the “oppressed” peoples of the south.   But Obama apparently does not believe that by merely showering northern largesse on the south alone is enough to propel them to equal the standards of living enjoyed in the west. To create the “social justice” he seeks, he further has to use deliberate obstacles like “Cap & Trade”, and to hinder productivity through federally empowered unions to retard future western gains to reach parity.

This modality of thought by Obama was revealed in his answer to Charlie Gibson during the democratic primary debate that, he would raise capital gains taxes even if it hampered his efforts to accomplish his goals for the greater good by reducing revenues, his primary concern was to punish the successful in the interest of his perception of “fairness.”

In the view of Barack and his leftist brethren, Capitalism has been the mechanism employed to repress the southern races. Socialism at home, while a means to reduce American ostentation, it is an ineffective vehicle for wealth transfer. Their tool of preference to remedy this disparity is a cobbling together of a Corporate-Union-Government global collectivism model to implement a constraining Eco-Fascism on the developed west and by tapping our treasury to the tune of another $845 Billion a year in the form of foreign aid. This latter bit was the audacious proposal of just a freshman Jr. Senator, and just how ambitious his future moves in this direction as President remain to be seen.

To foist such as massive global wealth rebalancing upon Americans (and hence pressure the rest of the west) Obama must first find a means to rein-in the chaotic dynamism of individual capitalism, ie; small businesses. Entrepreneurs who start up new enterprises, the dominant engine of our economic growth, are by nature an unruly lot. They are not normally disposed towards the centralized controls needed to enact such schemes. To thrust one-size-fits-all mandates upon them is akin to herding cats, because their interests are too varied to be addressed by blanket measures. No, to get a firm grasp of the economy, it requires a less fragmented model. A model where people are coalesced under massive umbrella bodies represented by figureheads who are then more easily managed, either by carrots or by sticks. It easier to juggle 3 baseballs than 10 BB’s, baseballs you can get a firm grip on, and continual monitoring of 10 items simultaneously is too unwieldy.  Multi-national corporations and large trade unions fit this bill nicely.

So in order for Obama to shift our economy from where the bulk of employment is found in small and medium sized firms, to large behemoths vulnerable to unions and with only a single CEO to deal with, he needs leverage. The tools he has found to accomplish this end are found in the onerous burdens of his Cap & Trade bill and his Mandated Healthcare plan. To comply with all the new regulations from the enhanced affirmative action guidelines, energy efficiency retooling, mandatory company supplied health coverage and whatever version of card check is eventually passed, these are margin killing impositions for a small to medium sized businesses. Someone with a payroll of 10-100 people cannot afford to hire a lobbyist to plead their case, and seek relief from detrimental policies.

Unions and Corporate giants already have armies of these who secure their exemptions before the laws are even being written. For instance, 85% of the revenues meant to be generated by H.R.2454 (American Clean Energy & Security Act of 2009) have already been negated by carbon tax credits awarded to the likes of G.E. and Excelon and others, but these burdens remain in place for more modest sized companies. The bigger firms unable to gain favorable “exemptions” through insider connections can at least afford to float these added costs over the course of the year and then turn in their carbon credits at tax time. Small to medium sized concerns not so much.

This is why we see this coziness with corporate titans like Intel and Goldman Sachs et al and this administration. Giants such as these and their kind stay close to the administration and are quite literally “in the room” to curry favor and allowances that Mom & Pop operations across the nation can never hope to get. These exceptions are granted to Mega-Corporations and justified under the convenient rubric of “systemic risk” to the national economy. And the preference shown for hot shot outfits over “Joe the Plumber” doesn’t stop there. Notice how the pin-striped mandarins of Mergers & Acquisitions and Collateralized Investment Vehicles, the guys who handle the “paper” for the large corporations got this “systemic risk” label, whereas the more mundane CIT Group who underwrote 70% of all small business loans in America did not.

The shotgun marriage of Big Government/Big Labor & Big Business, with Obama holding the 12 gauge, is ripped right from the pages of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Once having achieved control over your employment, your access to medical care and your energy usage, and the elimination all other available options, the public will find themselves beholden to them for their subsistence or locked out of the monopolized system. With no other alternatives the average “Joe”, out of concern for his family and self preservation will have to go along as he watches the fruits of his labor vanish into the leftist utopian ether of helping unseen people in a faraway place who we never actually witness reap the benefits. It will be in the name of global “fairness” that the nation will be plundered. For the sake of a false cause that any “caring” person cannot argue with Obama’s cronies will siphon off vast quantities of tax-payer money. The leftist philanthropic authoritarians of Hyde Park and its surrounding environs have perfected this particular form of graft since the times of Upton Sinclair’s “Back of the Yards”. It’s called The Chicago Way.

Obama’s district on Chicago’s near south side Englewood, where his former constituents reside, is a hell hole of abject poverty and violence to rival any of the 3rd world and has been left to rot as he found it. Meanwhile he and his fellow travelers wallow in appropriated wealth derived from their altruistic efforts to engender “social justice” for these hapless souls. As with all prior proponents of centrally planned utopias, the jet-set humanitarians never seem to join their fellow citizens in the bleak reality they hath wrought. In every instance where misbegotten collectivism has been unleashed, the plight of the underprivileged is never sustainably improved. They are merely there amongst the resultant ruins of an evaporated tax base to welcome the formerly comfortable middle class into their now mutual desolation.

Obama and his Chicago goumbahs who now occupy the White House on Rush St. are an otherworldly mix of Orwell meets Guido. They dress in $3000 suits and $500 shoes, they don’t want nobody-nobody sent, and they you offer deals that you can’t refuse. They exact tribute “for the greater good” with a smile on their face, justify bullying in elegantly indecipherable newspeak, and then deny anything even happened …“Oceania has never been at war with East Asia Winston!”

Meanwhile the happy warriors for the “greater good” from the Al Gores to the Laurie David’s of the world live in palatial castles, tan themselves aboard aircraft-carrier sized yachts and flit about continent to continent on private jets all the while decrying the depraved selfishness of the bourgeoisie westerners living above the 30th parallel north. They’ll most probably spout such drivel en-route from some photo-op opening of a South American orphanage founded from the proceeds of some lavish, tax write-off, benefit party they threw for their friends. And on the way to some new African mining venture they secretly invested in on an inside track they got from political connections who knew somebody-somebody sent.

Some things never change, the actors may come and go but the script remains the same. Wherever free markets are perverted by governmental interference, the population and productivity suffer while black markets thrive and the politically connected prosper.

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