The Methodology of Subversion and the Undermining of Liberty

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The other day Dr. Zero posted a thoughtful, well reasoned essay extolling the virtues of on one of my favorite sites, .  The argument posited by Dr Zero is one of a battle that has raged across the planet since the turn of the last century. However, the American left has recognized that it has already lost (with the exception of FDR’s New Deal policies) that argument, and has subtlety adapted and moved on.

In doing so he fall’s victim of the old adage of “generals are always fighting the last war” and is guilty of not recognizing the precise nature of our opponents today, a strategic mistake. The former proponents of bolshevist ideology nor longer shun big business, indeed they have ingeniously embraced it and have successfully infiltrated its ranks. The left now does not seek to destroy commerce outright, but the use big business as another weapon in the assualt on individualism.

Thus Dr. Zero has missed the forest for the trees, and while he directs his fire in the right direction, he misses the mark. Although he touches briefly on philosophy when he cites her in, “When money ceases to become the means by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of other men. Blood, whips and guns–or dollars. Take your choice–there is no other.” Other than this, he fails to grasp her uncanny discernment that the struggle is no longer so much purely political as it is philosophical. Later in this piece I will draw heavily upon Miss Rand’s insights.

When one looks today at those former bastions of communism, Russia & China, it becomes clear that the communist economic model has more or less succumbed to that of capitalism. The argument today has morphed more into one of the sanctity of the individual rights, (the traditional basis of American political thought) and the rights of the collective. The roots of this battle now, however share a commonality with that of the one the raged before, and that is in the rights of private ownership. And it is here, that in the name of “the greater good,” that the ideology of individualism has been steadily eroding in the face of collectivism.

This has been clearly demonstrated as we have recently seen corporate titans face threats of populist by this administration. With these titans thus cowed, the State has arbitrarily dictated its terms. By those terms we have seen the explicit subversion of the bankruptcy courts and contract law in the resolution between Chrysler’s & GM’s shareholders and the UAW, with this the rights of ownership have been laid waste.          

And in we have seen yet further assault upon rights of ownership as Corporate Developers have used the threat of governmental force, through a perverted reading of eminent domain to seize private property.

And the assault on individual rights doesn’t stop there. Indeed with the advent of State-Mandated-Healthcare it stands to take on proportions akin to those once only found in Brave New World and Logan’s Run.  If you think such worries a bit melodramatic, consider that recently the administration declared its desire to in the armed forces. Their rationale for this policy directive is that since they are responsible for the costs of soldiers’ welfare by way of the VA, they are entitled to do this in the name of cost cutting. In the name of Healthcare reform, is it not the welfare of every citizen they now mean to assume responsibility for the costs thereof? Are their proposed “wellness programs” merely newspeak for State regulation of what our own person’s may partake of? Does no one recognize the direction all this heading?

With State responsibility now expanding its reach to that over the human body, not even our very self is to be exempt from State control. Through acts like these and others, all quaint notions of what we possess will have become moot.

These intrusions into our personal liberties did not come about in a vacuum. The insidious ways with which the collectivist’s have advanced their cause, have permeated our culture, and seized our public is comprehensive. They have partly done so through their infiltration of our societal infrastructure by attaining seats of , through which they have subtlety promoted their policies. It is by these means that the collectivists have donned the veneer of respectability, moved their agenda into the mainstream and disguised their subversive intentions.

After careful placement in positions of influence in our social strata, and exercise of uncanny patience and discipline over a period of decades, they have shaped the vernacular of our discourse and shifted the paradigm of our national consciousness. They have done this with a singularly relentless ambition towards the achievement of their ultimate goal. The day they assumed the reins of power, with the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency, they feel their time has come.

Once this power is attained, the primary task is to consolidate it swiftly, and then lock in the mechanisms to maintain it.

When Obama foisted the demands of labor upon the captains of industry, backed by his bully pulpit of government and bribery of promises of State supplied advantages over their competitors, he merged their respective interests. This combined the political power of the two and consolidated it with the State. This confluence of a power trifecta between big labor, big business and big government enables Obama in his collectivist quest against individualism. As was so precisely described and ably predicted by Miss Rand in her writings, this is Barack Obama in the role of Wesley Mouch in Atlas Shrugged.

You might think that such heavy handed tactics by Obama might raise howls of protest from our press. But of protest we hear nary a peep, indeed the administration is so confident that it has effectively co-opted our “Fourth Estate”, that it feels it can threaten to use it as the wielded by that heavy hand.

Ayn Rand illustrated how this political power and influence over the media is promulgated by a barrage of advisory bodies whose consultation is called upon to fill air-time. Associations of so and so, panels on such and such, and councils for this, that, and the other, these are our modern 527’s. Like , , and their sister affiliations, these tax-exempt entities which so inundate our political discourse today sway public opinion to their nefarious political ends. The profusion of which was also foreseen by Miss Rand. This is George Soros in the role of Ellsworth Toohy in The Fountainhead.

Now this veritable cacophony of voices spews forth from our media outlets daily with assurances that, in critical times such as these, action must be taken – that in the interest of the greater good, that have to be made, that the emergency is so dire, we should put aside our selfish self-interests and answer calls to of our fellow man. Yet again eerily reminiscent of Ayn Rand’s novels. This invites Rand’s assertion that we need to; “just listen to any prophet and if you hear him speak of sacrifice-run. Run faster than from a plague. It stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there’s someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master.”

Hard as it is to accept, that a Randian vision of our country could come to pass is no longer a matter of speculation, but fact. In a truly Orwellian fashion of inverting wisdom, the Obama/Soros axis has taken Ayn Rand’s warnings of collectivist concentrations of power, turned them on their head and used them as a template for our governance!

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