Nuclear Electrical Power Generation – Why The Fuss? (Part 1)

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What I want to do with this series of posts is to detail aspects of the electrical power generating process that use nuclear energy to generate electricity, and why this nuclear power has been pushed into the background in the mad rush to close down coal fired power plants and replace them with generating plants that use renewable sources. Both wind power and solar power are shoved into the foreground, as they are touted as being the only way we can proceed into what we are told is a ‘greener’ future.

Those who have that ‘green’ agenda will totally ignore everything I have to say. For nearly 17 months now, I have written hundreds of posts on this matter. What I have tried to do is to explain that even if you do believe that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the cause of global warming, then there are consequences, and those consequences are what no one has explained. The main thrust of the whole argument has been that we need to decrease the emission of this CO2, and the main cause of these emissions is from those coal fired power plants.

What I have tried to do is to explain what those consequences are. The main problem I have is that it is by its very nature technical, and those technicalities are difficult to understand. I have to try and find a way to make it understandable. For those of you who do read the posts, then I hope sincerely that I have succeeded. The real problem is for those who do not want to understand, because they will not even bother to consider those consequences, because they have just blindly believed what those who do have an agenda have told them. Those people have not read one word I have said. I have no control over that. They will believe what they want to believe, and when those consequences do kick in, they will be the ones who are bewildered, and then they will ask why no one bothered to tell them of those consequences. What will further add to their bewilderment will be the fact that when those consequences finally do sink in, then those who do have control over this will be looking for a way to back down, and questions will be asked as to why they will be seeking to do the opposite to what they have been telling you all along.

This sounds like a situation where I am saying that I am right, and they are wrong, but again, that is not my intent. I can only detail those consequences. You, then, must decide which direction you will choose to follow. All I can do is to detail the facts, and point out the realities of those consequences, and from that, you can then make your choice of whether to believe it or not. However, be fully aware that I’m not just making this stuff up.

I speak from a background of 25 years in the electrical trade, and from 5 years of teaching that electrical trade. For the last 17 months I have also done the most extensive research for those hundreds of posts, and that has been for hours and hours of every day. I have covered as many bases as is possible in trying to find a way to explain all there is to explain about something that is technical, and little understood by the average person, who has become so used to having that electrical power always there. It has become an essential of life, almost like water. From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall back into sleep, everything you do is subject to the availability of that electrical power.

Now we are being told that this electrical power is what is causing something we are told is absolutely catastrophic. The argument has been blown out of proportion so hugely, that people actually have false beliefs about it. Because the argument is now spoken of nearly every day, the snowball has now become an absolute avalanche.

Those who are pushing the argument now have solid political backing. That political backing now uses the argument in a political manner, as they seek to pursue their agenda, not a ‘green’ agenda, but a political agenda. They have now succeeded in turning it into a political argument.

Because of that, those technical matters have become obscured, clouded, and because they were never explained in the first place, then the general public has no understanding of it whatsoever. Those politicians are the ones who have now made the argument one of ‘we are right and you are wrong’. Now, it’s not a choice of an environmental nature you make. It’s a choice of whose politics you follow.

The same applies with the generation of electrical power.

Those political people who have diverted the argument to what is now political lines push the use of those two sources of power generated from renewable sources, wind, and solar.

They have made it a political argument to close down coal fired power plants.

They have also totally ignored nuclear power in their mad rush to pursue their political agenda. Because those original people with their ‘green’ agenda have no comprehension of how nuclear energy is used to generate electrical power, that of itself has now spilled over into the political argument. If those politicians seeking to keep the ‘green’ lobby in their back pockets, then those politicians need to keep that nuclear option out of the equation for fear of alienating their ‘green’ ‘friends’ who provide backing to those politicians with their vote, which, after all, is the only thing at the forefront of a politician’s mind.

So now we have the case where solar and wind power are the only options being looked at.

They have now set off down the path of removing coal fired power from the equation, and at the same time, are ignoring the nuclear option as well.

What I hope to do with this series is to explore that nuclear option. and explain why it should be kept on the table in the overall mix of electrical power generation for the future, if we are to see a future without coal fired power.

Having said all I have here, then what you need to be fully aware of is the glaring fact that those coal fired power plants will never be closed down solely due to this environmental argument alone. They will close down when their use by date is reached, and the problem with that is that all those coal fired power plants have a life of around 50 years, some being extended out to 75 years, and the average age of all those coal fired plants in the U.S. is currently around the mid to high 40 years, with no plants of a large nature on the horizon to replace them.

Once the technical reality crashes into the political reality, then there will be an instant realisation that closing down those coal fired power plants will lead to what can only be described as instantaneous political suicide. What those politicians will then be doing is to desperately look for ways to back down without looking to be the fools that they will rightly look like.

However, showing you all about nuclear power is my task for the moment.